Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs

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Hey everyone, this is a new story that I have been working of for a few months, I hope y'all like it. There is an external link for the outfits.

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My mom and dad were always traveling, as a pilot and flight attendant, it was required. But unlike other parents who travel, they were very involved in their children's lives.

After my older sister left, they became much more strict with me. When Bethany had still been living at home, our parents would leave and she would throw wild parties, and invite boys over. Whenever our parents scolded her it just kind of bounced off of her, and she would do it again. Every nanny we had, she drove away. She told our parents that she didn't need one, and she could take care of me herself. Our parents didn't believe her and kept hiring nannies, and Bethany kept sending them away.

Bethany almost didn't graduate from high school, she said that school just wasn't for her, and that she wouldn't use half of the stuff that she learned there in the real world. And for her, it seemed to be true. As soon as she finished high school, she packed her things, and moved to New York to become a model or fashion designer. Our parents scoffed, and told her that she would never make it. But I never believed that, Bethany was insanely pretty, and very talented.

When Bethany left, my parents made sure that I did well in school and not become like Bethany. My dad was proud of her, but my mom just disagreed with her decision completely, and even though my dad was okay with what Bethany was doing, he didn't want me to follow in her footsteps. They made sure that they didn't work on the days that I had parent/teacher interviews, and made me tell them all the work that I had for when they were gone. They would call every time they landed, or emailed me three times a day. I wasn't one to lie to my parents, so like the goody-two shoes I was, I would tell them everything they wanted to know.

I never really understood why they didn't want me to turn out like Bethany, she seemed to be doing very well for herself. After upgrading, she went to a fashion and design school, and graduated top of her class, and is now modeling and creating a line of her own. Bethany had always been a good sister to me. She always stood up for me, the brief times that we went to school together. All of her boyfriends she made sure that I liked, and vice versa, although I had never dated much. Even now, although she was thousands of miles away, she still checked up on me from time to time, asking me how I was doing, and telling me how she was doing.

"Brianna!" called my mom. "We're home!"

I woke up startled, and then looked at the clock on my desk, it said that it was four in the morning. I got up and walked to the front door to greet me parents.

When I got to the front door, my parents were there, and only two suitcases were with them.

"Hey mom," I said, going up to hug her, and then dad. "Hey dad, how was the flight?"

"It was good." my dad said. "Did we wake you?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I had been doing something for art, and must have fallen asleep."

"Oh, okay." my mom said, she hated that I took art as one of my electives. She thought that it was a useless subject, and I was wasting my time by taking it. She wanted me to become a doctor. "Well, go back to sleep. We'll talk in the morning, and you can show us what you've been working on then, okay?"

I yawned, and nodded. I turned and made my way back to my room, the room that my sister and I had shared for years. Bethany had been gone for five years, but still, it felt empty. As kids we would often just push the twin beds together, and sleep together. I missed that, and I missed her.

"Brianna." someone nudged me. "Brianna, wake up. It's time for school."

I groaned, and rolled over, only to fall onto the floor.

"Shoot." I mumbled to myself. "Did I fall asleep at my desk again?"

"Yes," my mom said, her voice startling me. "You did, and I see that you were answering an email from Bethany. How is she and her 'modeling' doing?" she did that quote, un-quote thing with her fingers when she said modeling.

"Good." I told her getting up from the floor. "She said that she got a shoot for burberry the other day, and that she showed her designs to her manager and agent."

"That's good. Is she still living in that dump?" she asked.

"No, she moved out of there two and a half years ago mom. I told you that." I said, looking for something to wear for school.

"Anything else?"

"Well, she has a new boyfriend." I said, and then said the next part quietly. "And she asked me if I wanted to move in with her."

My mom didn't say anything, which meant that she either didn't hear me, or heard me, and was shocked. I was guessing it was the latter one.

"She wants you to move in with her?" mom scoffed. "She can barely take care of herself, let alone a teenager. She could barely take care of herself as a teenager."

"Mom, she can take care of herself. She's been doing it since she was eighteen, and has barely ever asked you or dad for money."

"My word." my mom said, taking in a breath. "You are actually thinking about this. Aren't you?"

I nodded. "I miss her." I told mom. "I miss her a lot, and you and dad are never home, and I don't like being alone in this house, it gives me the creeps."

She said nothing, we stood there for a few minutes, just looking at each other. Finally, she told me to get dressed and go to school, that we would talk about it when I got home.

I sighed heavily. I knew my mom wasn't happy about this, but she would have to deal. I really wanted to go see my sister, and it wasn't like mom and dad were ever home, what would be the harm?

I packed my bag, grabbed my lunch from the fridge, and made my way to the bus stop.

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