Chap 13

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Kylie's P.O.V

Today was the day we were leaving for MAGCON in California for a bit and then to who knows where. As I couldn't walk the boys were helping my every need today, which was amazing.

"Morning everyone." I greeted as Hayes and I got down the stairs. "Morning kiddo. Excited for MAGCON?" Daddy asked.

Nodding my head enthusiastically "Oooo yes I am so excited. We are going to Cali baby!" I yelled. Laughter erupted from around the room and for once in while I felt truly happy and knew that this is where I belong.

***Time skip to Airport***

After having said goodbye to our parents we all waded onto the plane and took our seats. One problem they were allocated and I. Hate. Flying.

Like, I mean who would want to float God knows how far up in the air with the high risk of dying. I in fact wanted to stay alive know.

We boarded the plane and took our seats. I was sat between Cam and Shawn. My brothers were both sat next to each other and with Carter as well.

My breathing increased, Cam and Shawn realised that and started comforting me, which actually worked. 

"Thanks Cammy and ShawShaw." They both smile at me and squeezed my shoulders. "Your welcome KyKy." "Your welcome KayKay." Cam and Shawn spoke in unison.

Giggles erupted from within me which soon ceased as the plane readied for take off. "Shh calm down. It's all okay. Shawn and I are right here Ky, nothing to worry about." Cam whispered in my ear rubbing my arm softly.

The whole trip Shawn and Cam helped me through the ride. Nash and Hayes looked over a fair few times to make sure I was doing okay. Which I was thanks to the two boys.

Once we got off the plane, we quickly grabbed our luggage and went to the bus that would be taking us to our hotel.

Entering the bus I sat down, with Carter plopping down next to me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder allowing me to curl into his side and start to slowly fall asleep.

"Sleep baby. I'll wake you later today." He told me. Nodding I allowed the darkness to spread over my vision before taking my body into a dark hole.

Carter's P.O.V

I had Ky asleep in my side while all the boys just lounged around until we got to the hotel.

I could feel Ky begin to stir and went to look at her only to see her start whimpering, tears falling down her pale cheeks.

"Nash! I think Kylie is having a nightmare." I told him. "Shit." He cussed, locking his phone and racing towers is and plucking Ky from my arms.

Nash's P.O.V

I held Ky close as her nightmare began to intensify. "Shh... Ky Bub you need to wake up. It's alright. It's just a dream. It's not real." I explained to her sleeping form rocking out bodies back and forth.

Her whimpers ceased as she woke, throwing her arms around me while sobbing. Gently I rubbed her back and smoothed her hair down, trying o get her back to sleep.

My tactic however did work as she fast asleep I my arms.

This tour was going to be great....... I hope.

Her everyone! Updated obviously. I am now almost at 10k readers! Woah and I never thought I'd get this far. So thank you to all my readers. Love you all!

~ Trinity xoxo

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