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Two weeks later...


"Trust me, Jestro; you're going to love this."

Jestro wanted to give Clay a suspicious glare, but he was blindfolded and could not see a thing. It had been two whole weeks since Clay lifted the curse and returned Jestro and his family to human form. Despite how rocky their relationship was when they first met a few days prior, they really hit it off. For a long time, Jestro did not think love was real while he was under the curses' influence. But he quickly changed his opinion when he got to know Clay. Even the knight admitted that the feelings he had for Jestro were surprising for him; but he did not care. His heart wanted what it wanted. He kissed the jester without thinking, so it must be for real.

Earlier that day, Clay told Jestro to put on some clothes that he could go out in. Nothing fancy, just anything that he felt comfortable in. Jestro decided to wear a pair of clothes that Whiparella made for him after the curse was lifted. It was a light blue and purple striped outfit with a hood that resembled a jesters' hat; similar to the one he wore when he was younger. Jestro asked Clay were they were going, but the knight said it was a surprise. He wasn't sure, but his family looked like they were in on it as well. Then Clay asked him to put a blindfold on. Jestro knew they going somewhere far because Clay put him into what he suspected was a carriage.

Jestro could hear the quiet giggles of Lavaria and Whiparella, and the snickering of Moltor and Flama and Book Keepers' mischievous laughter.

"I haven't been outside in a long time." Jestro spoke nervously.

"We all haven't, master." He heard Magmars' voice.

"But this will be fun." He heard Lavaria speak to him with a smile in her voice.

"Cause your boyfriend is taking you ou-"

Jestro heard Moltor being silenced.

"Don't ruin it for him!" He heard Flama whisper in an angry tone.

Jestro had no idea what his peers were talking about, but he felt someone gently grab his hand.

"I can't tell you what the surprise is, Jestro. But I guarantee that you'll love it." He heard Clays voice reassuring him.

Jestro quietly sighed to himself; knowing he would just have to wait for this surprise that Clay had planned.

After what seemed like forever, Jestro felt the carriage come to a gentle stop.

"We're here!" He heard a robotic voice announce.

"Thank you, Kyle." Clay spoke in a happy tone.

Jestro felt the carriage shaking as everyone got off. He felt Clay taking his hand and slowly lead him out of the carriage. The jesters ears perked up as he heard music and joyful laughter, and the smell of different kinds of food hit him.

"I'm going to take the blindfold off now. You ready for the surprise, Jestro?" Clay spoke in anticipation.

Jestro nodded. Sight returned to him as Clay took off the black blindfold. Jestro covered his mouth as he gasped at the sight in front of him. Groups of people were walking and running around with smiles on their faces. Different stands were selling food and putting on games like ring toss and test your strength. He could even see a Farris wheel in the distance. Everyone watched as Jestro took his hands away to reveal an excited smile.

"What is this?" The jester asked excitedly.

"Remember that festival I told you about the other day?" Clay asked with a smile.

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