Chapter 5 Limelight

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*A/N: Nooooo! Did Rina die??? Read to find out..... *****

His heartbeat pounded within him at an immense rate.

He didn’t stop sprinting; his hope wasn’t lost.

He screeched to a halt just before the hunter. He was about to collect his latest prey.

Tim glared at Rina. She lay helpless on the ground, caught by the net.

“I’m sorry.” She said apologetically.

Rina’s POV

‘Aww he must be so mad at me now.’

I mentally curse myself for not obeying him.

My heart tells me to trust him but, something in the back of my mind always makes me extra cautious. Maybe he’s different, but I have to be on my guard.

‘Please don’t get hurt.’ She murmured.


“Oh who is it we have here. Lover boy?” The hunter rocked the place with his laughter.

Tim’s eyes showed pure annoyance. He was standing defensively between Rina and the hunter. The shifter lay helpless a few metres away on the hunter’s side.

“Leave her alone.” Tim’s voice chimed through the air.

The hunter took aim with his gun but before he could shoot, Tim gave him a tremendous blow. The hunter was obviously pissed. He slowly rose up on his feet as he spat out blood.

He took out a large wife beater which had spikes on its end and hurled it at Tim.

Tim jumped at this instant as it landed on the tree, tearing it apart. The damage it did to the tree trunk was proof enough that it was a powerful.

Tim’s POV

My eyes sparkled as I saw the devilish grin plastered on the fatso’s face.

If he had something up his sleeve, then so have I.

I hadn’t used my powers yet.

There’s a certain look of amazement and hope on Rina’s eyes as my hand shone in a bright aura of a blue flame. It wasn’t a flame actually. It was the spirit of the element water, flickering as waves of energy shot out from my body through my hand.


The hunter slashed with his weapon that could shatter any material. But Tim acted quickly; dodged the attack and smashed his chin with a deafening blow.

The hunter writhed on the ground in pain.

Tim quickly freed Rina and tied the hunter to the tree.

Turning around, he found her grimacing. He was still mad at her for disobeying his orders.

He crossed his arms coolly waiting for her to speak.

“I’m sorry.” She replied lowly.

“Never mind.” Tim didn’t take another glance and walked past her, slightly brushing her shoulders with his.

“Uh Tim...” This was the first time she used his name. “Thank you.”

He stopped in his tracks. “You’re welcome.”

He took another step and found her catching up with him.

“What about him?” Rina asked pointing to the shifter.

The shifter let out a growl from his position.