Chapter 26

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Bomb ass cover by @fearless_pineapple. Thank you, hon. ❤️



She knew. She knew Damien was her mate. I punched the wall in front of me, putting a large hole in it. I didn't care. The anger that continued to build up inside of me consumed my every thought. I knew that the prophecy was talking about us, but the fact that she was embracing him as a mate like she would me made my blood boil.

"Excuse me, your highness?" A feeble voice reached my ears and I closed my eyes, composing myself before turning around to find a maid tugging on my clothes.


"Y-you're needed in the conference room." she stammered a bit and I nodded.

"Thank you." She scurried away and I adjusted my suit, preparing to go back into the meeting I had left earlier because I wanted to check on my son and wife. I pretended I didn't care about Damien waltzing into the kitchen with barely anything on, but I was fuming.

There had to be a way to sever that bond.

Pushing that thought away, I went back into the conference room where all of the leaders of Lyonus and neighboring kingdoms were together, having a meeting about alliances and more. The queen of the Elves was speaking, demanding that us males reign in our egos and help them.

I was bored.

"I am willing to put aside my ego under one condition." I turned my head to the man who spoke. Laurent Iverson. Frenchman. He was a large man, with dark skin and a full head of curly black hair, his dark brown eyes narrowed, almost daring a debate. He was also human. "Don't put a death target on every human that finds out about your world. If they aren't a threat, leave them be."

Scoffs sounded from almost everyone, minus myself, and I tuned everyone out as they argued about the threat humans might pose to our world. Boring. Laurent and Damien were best friends, so if he didn't get his way now, he'd probably just plead his case to him later.

Glancing around, I took in the different faces of the royal people, marveling at how many queens were here without their counterpart. Most of them were the primary rulers, which, a few hundred years ago, was almost unheard of.

My eyes passed over Nadia, who was here with her biological father. I still considered her my sister since we grew up together and blood wasn't the only thing that made people family, but her and Damien had no clue we weren't related by blood. My parents told me as a young boy and made me promise not to tell them.

King Damien was speaking to her lowly and as I watched them interact, I wondered if he had told her he was her father. That would explain her love for all things evil. Like father like daughter. Or was it the other way around? Fucking colloquialisms.

The meeting went on longer than I anticipated and by the time it was over, night had already fallen. Alice was probably already in bed, so visiting her was out of the question. She had been falling asleep earlier than usual for the past few weeks. Probably because of our increased sexual activity and her lack of sex with humans.

I still had yet to introduce her to her human, Ramsey. She was getting weaker gradually, but I was hesitant to reintroduce her to him because she was just starting to get acquainted with the fact that she wasn't human.

Shaking my head and finding my way out of my thoughts, I gathered my notes and other items, preparing to leave the table. Most of the members had already left, but Laurent was still in the room, rapidly speaking Spanish to someone over the phone. He was one of the only humans who was allowed full access to everything supernatural, mainly to be the voice of reason for the soulless royals. He was also multilingual, which was beneficial for him when it came to protecting himself from getting duped by rogues.

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