The boy with the motorcycle

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Chapter 8: The boy with the motorcycle

"I love the water, in fact, what I like more are jellyfish. I like how they swim freely. They're soft and luminous. They float like... like if they were small angels. I want to have one, but it's hard." Naruto smiled at his phone and Sasuke grunted; he hated it when he told someone something and that person didn't seem to be paying attention thanks to being in their own world or on the internet or something like that. Sasuke wasn't someone who used their phone too much. He also felt a bit of discomfort; Naruto always seemed to be interested in what he had to say no matter how interesting or boring it could be. However, lately, he had no idea what page the boy was on and he couldn't understand why; he had even treated him nice and friendly. He had been too patient for Naruto to be like this now, not now. "Are you listening, Uzumaki?"

The blond smiled awkwardly before timidly raising his head towards Sasuke and arching an eyebrow.


"Incredible! You haven't been paying the least bit of attention!" Sasuke angrily looked at the phone between his roommate's hand and snatched it from him. "Let's see why you're not paying attention to me."

'I'll come to pick you up in a few minutes :)x'

'Alright :9'

'I miss you.'

'I miss you more.'


And the messages ended there. Sasuke was stunned. Naruto took his phone back and fixed his hair.

"Who's coming for you?" He asked, really interested.

"Someone," Naruto laughed upon seeing him roll his eyes. "A date, more or less."

"What do you mean 'more or less'?"

"I don't know, Sasuke, leave me alone." Once again he was confused. Since when did Naruto talk to him like that? Since when did he want him to leave him alone? This was really horrible! "I'm kidding, teme."

"You leave me alone, dobe."

"Sasuke, I..." And the rest of what could've been said, wasn't. At the sound of a horn, both turned their heads to meet a beautiful black motorcycle with an unknown guy on it. He had his helmet on. Naruto smiled enormously upon seeing him.

"He's here for you?"

"That's right." Naruto answered as he grabbed his book bag off the floor and got up from the bench where he and Sasuke were. Sasuke watched him leave, and the boy from the motorcycle got off and took his helmet off. He had straight black hair, just like him, and black eyes, also just like him— a very cheap version of him— and when the boy smiled upon seeing Naruto, Sasuke's eyes squinted with a noticeable blush; he was a bit more taller than him, but not too much. Sasuke twisted his lips when he saw the guy kiss Naruto, on the cheek. Naruto smiled and moved closer—  very close!—  to the guy, and gave him a kiss on the lips. Their lips had barely touched, but that was enough for Sasuke to grab his things and leave. No, Naruto nor his lover with the motorcycle weren't important.

The guy embraced the blond's small waist, placing his head on Naruto's shoulder before kissing him on the neck and pulling away to look at him.

Naruto had corresponded to the hug gently. He stopped looking at him to see how his teme was walking away to someplace else. The blond sighed tiredly before leaving with his boyfriend..... Wait.... did he really think 'his' teme? Too much time with him! Naruto shook his head, getting the attention of his boyfriend.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing... let's go?" He murmured.

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