New Home

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Nicki's P.O.V

"Dad do we really have to move" I asked while packing the last of my things. "Yes you've asked this a thousand times already and when we get there you better be nice to her" he said annoyed. Also I'm not being nice to her she's evil and he's too blind to see it. He so calls himself in love with her but I ain't buying it. She has no kids and has gotton divorced one time I think that's what she said. "Nicki........Nicki.......Nik?" My dad said pulling me out of my thoughts. "Huh" I said clueless. "Did you hear anything I said" I shook my head no as he continued  "I said that you are going to treat her with respect and we will have a family dinner not dinner in our rooms also are you ready the plane leaves in an hour so we have to go now" he finished looking at his watch then at me. "Yes I'm done and I also want to remind you that I have no friends in New Orleans why can't I stay here in Trinidad it wouldn't kill me or you if I stay" I said rolling my eyes. "No now get in the car I swear you act just like your mother" he said and I looked at him and saw sadness in his eye due to the fact that she died almost two years ago from cancer. I looked at him and walked out of our house and to the car with my bags. He knows I don't like her and he knows something I don't about her. Like when I asked him what happened to her old husband he said he didn't know but I know he knows. What if it's something bad? Did he kill himself? And also that house she has is very creepy for some reason and I've only been there once. I heard a car door slam and seen him starting the car. While driving off I still had one more question but it wasn't about her. "Dad, how long is the flight" he looked at me then back at the road turning into the airport  "we'll be there in 5 hours now come on" he continued as we got out the car and walked in. No later than five minutes we heard "flight leaving to New Orleans now boarding" we got up showing them our tickets and going to first class. When I sat down and plugged in my charger putting my phone over it. Then I put in my Bluetooth headphones connecting it to my phone and putting my phone on the charger before going to sleep.........

Hey guys umm I'm starting a new book a here it is. The name pretty much says what's it about. BUT anyway I wanted to say that I'm working on updating the other book My Life. I already have one point of view done but I don't want to waste your time so✌. LOVE YOU😍😍

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