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4 weeks later

During class today, I was sitting with Juile waiting on Mike to reply back to my text message while she was on Instagram beside me. One of the many perks of being Seniors in highschool, our teachers lets us have a lot of free days and take our time on a lot of stuff. Giving today is one of those days, I spent most of the class period texting back Mike and having a few conversations with Juile here and there. 

We mostly chatted about weird girls and guys on her Instagram and how almost every couple seems to be getting on our nerves with all of their lovey dovey stuff and how they post cute messages from each other. I didn't really mind though, love was such a wonderful thing to me. It's almost weird how someone can dedicate their life to someone and rely on there when times are hard and basically, want to spend their whole life with their significant other. It is a beautiful thing.

In the midist of one of Juile and I's conversation, Mike texted me,

"Do you happen to have a webcam?" 

My heart started to beat faster and I looked over at Juile,

"Mike just asked if I had a webcam..." I tell her and my sentence trails off.

"You do, don't you?"

"Well, yeah. My mom does but, I'm kinda scared to webcam him. What if he isn't the guy I pictured him to be?" I asked with a skeptical look on my face.

"You like him for him, right?" She ask and I immediately answer,

"Of course."

It's true. It doesn't matter what he's hiding or what has happened, nothing can change my mind about him. He has been the greatest guy friend in the past almost two months than anyone has ever been to me. He doesn't make things hard or complicated when we talk, it's almost as if he's been there longer than two months, and he's just my goofball of a friend. We talk like best friends, actually minus the personal stuff. We haven't gotten there yet and I'm dying to know just a bit more about him but I cannot pressure myself into thinking and dwelling on this. All I know is, I'm happy that him and I are good friends and we share a bond like no one else.


Whenever I got home that day, my heart was read to jump out of my skin and on to the floor along with my stomach. Mike asked me to webcam with him and it will be our first time doing so and I'm at a lost for words on this one. I'm not really freaking out as much as I should be but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous as hell when it comes to Mike. He seems so mysterious sometimes but most of the time he's just my really good, amusing friend who I seem to care about now.

Sending a quick text to Juile asking for some good luck, I run into my moms room and grab ahold of her webcam before she has time to question me about it. I don't want to tell my mom about Mike yet just incase something goes wrong between us, and I really don't want tor deal with all of the Internet saftey discussion she might have with me. With me being 18, I know I can handle what happens on the Internet and know if something were to happen, I can quickly cut off all my ties with him. Even though, I wouldn't want to give up all that we have made in the past couple of months.

Grabbing my laptop that I barely use, I download the webcam and wait anxiously for it to finish. Getting a reply from Juile with all of her good luck, I seem to calm down a bit and send a text to Mike giving him a heads up my webcam is almost done downloading and I would be ready soon. He replies back,

"I cannot wait."

I felt myself get red again, and I look up at the ceiling hoping for some type of relief but nothing comes. I walk over to my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror, I have on a simple tee-shirt with donuts covering almost every inch of it and black shorts with very little rips at the top. I check to see if my hair is okay and do a check on my teeth, before looking at my face very closely. I decide to go with it and before walking out of the bathroom, I mumble to myself, "Wait!" and I stop in my place and huff out a breath into my palm and smell it.

'Wait, it's just webcam," I think to myself and laugh before the blush creeps back onto my face.

Walking over to my laptop, the download is complete and I send a message to Mike asking what the website he wanted me to go on, I go to the wepage "TinyChat" and become a guest user, and set it to "Addi." and wait for the reply from Mike.

He asks me what the code is on the chatroom and I give it to him, and wait for what seems like forever. My stomach has dropped and I'm staring at the computer screen with the most blank look face. I'm starting to get more nervous, and almost want to back down but I need and want to do this. What am I so worried for? It's just Mike and I know he wouldn't judge me.

My cellphone buzzes and I look down at it, with a text saying "Connected."

With that I take in a deep breath and focus on the text message before closing my eyes and thinking about what all could possibly go wrong, but all of the things that could go right. With that, I look up and notice someone on my screen,

"Hey Addi."

I never felt so red in my life and I feel like the wind is knocked out of me when I see those piercing brown eyes I have been dying to see ever since I came across his Instagram profile. 

"Hey, Mike." I say in a hushed tone and soon as I say that his smile becomes big and I can't help but to smile at him too.

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