phone call

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bold is tom
italics is bea


hey tom

sorry for bothering you but i would really like to talk to you about something

okay? what is it?

i know you were drunk last night but you messaged me and told me i was cute and that you liked me and i didn't really know how to text this to you and i didn't really sleep any last night because of you and haz-

calm down buddy. i was drunk. i probably didn't mean anything i sent, okay?

i just thought that you and haz were dating and i didn't want to like come between the two of you

we aren't dating, but you wouldn't have come between us if we were



well i'm sorry to have bothered you

it's fine tom. seriously. i'm sorry for keeping you up all night with my drunkenness

don't worry about it

look i've got to go make smoothies that will hopefully cure mine and z's hangovers so i'll talk to you later

bye beatrice

bye tommo

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