Barbie Girl

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"So what are you guys going to do?" I asked slapping the towel I was wiping Danger's face with onto the counter. The lustful feeling that had taken me over for a few seconds was now gone as I looked back at him. His eyes were guarded as Jamie wrapped an arm around Striker and they watched us. 

"You guys have some work to do," Striker said looking at Danger with cold eyes. "Danger looks too straight." I laughed when Danger huffed and balled his fist up. Hadn't Nico and I said the same thing just days earlier?

"How do you look too straight?" Danger asked. I smiled and motioned to his clothes. The skinny's were fine and all but we still had some things to work on. Like those shoes! Who wears fucking plain ass black shoes!? 

Danger stood up suddenly, knocking me into his chest. He grabbed my biceps before I fell and slammed me back into his hard chest. His sweet smell hit my nose and I sighed in content. The smell made my senses hum and my body feel like it had been ignited. 

"Did just smell me?" Danger asked not taking me away from his hard body. I nodded and did it again. I could bathe in this sweet smell. Danger made a weird noise as he pushed me away. "That's weird."

"I am a weird person," I countered. He laughed and nodded before walking out of the kitchen. He walked around until he came to the door with 'Welcome to the dark side we have cookies' on it. He opened it and then slammed it shut. 

"What the fuck is that place!?" he screamed. 

"My room," I said trying to mask my blush. My room was like nothing anyone expected. I am a ex-reaper after all. 

I opened my door and stepped into the spice filled air. The dark black walls were illuminated by the blood red candles that never went out thanks to my powers. They were set on a shelf that lined the whole room. Black rose petals littered the table that sat next to my giant canopy bed. The canopy on it was -you guessed it- black with red pedals on top of it. The black carpet was the comfiest thing in the world. Books laid across it's surface along with some clothes that were piled in the corner. 

I laid down in my bed and waited for Danger to come over. He looked around the room and then bit his lip when he saw me laying on the bed in my leather pants, combat boots, and blood red v-neck that was slightly lifted showing a little bit of my abs off. His eyes were glued to that strand of exposed flesh until I cleared my throat. 

"The bags are over there," I motioned to the corner that the clothes were in. I had bought him a hella lot of clothes because I was pissed and shopping helped, and because I knew what looked good on him. He looked down at me again and shook his head before walking over to the bags. 

He opened one of the bags and frowned as he pulled out a black v-neck much like he was wearing now. "I already have this," he said. 

"No, you have a loose version," I answered. I pushed my long, black bangs out of my eyes and looked back over to him. He met my eyes and I could have sworn he was blushing. "What?" I asked with a laugh. 

His blush deepened. "Uh- Don't watch me," he said. I laughed and watched as he stood there awkwardly. His dark hair cover his scorching, blue eyes. Everything in the way he was standing screamed sex. His eyes met mine and I quickly looked away when I felt heat begin to boil inside of me. 

"Don't look," he said low. I nodded and then turned my head. I waited and then looked over a couple of seconds later to see him standing there with nothing but his boxers on. My mouth fell open when I saw what looked like a branding of an upside down cross on one of his giant shoulder blades. His muscular back rippled as he pulled the tight black shirt on, but my mind was stuck on the cross. 

I remember Danger saying his parents were Satanist but no one could ever brand their son, right? 

"You're looking," he said close to my face. I hadn't even seen him move let alone get in my face. "I'm sorry." The sudden words had my mind jumping off a cliff. Sorry? For what?

"I should have never called you a fag. I was just so mad at you and I-" I slapped my hand over his mouth. His blue eyes burrowed into my charcoal ones as his sweet tongue slid across my palm. I pulled my hand away and kept my eyes on his as I followed the wet path with my own tongue. 

"Oh fuck," he said and then he was on top of me with his mouth on mine. Heat exploded inside of me when his tongue hit my mouth. I opened my legs, letting him fall on top of me. He groaned and I moaned as our erections hit each other. "Fuck, Bryce." I threw us over so I was on top of him. 

His hands landed on my waist as he made me grind against him in a not so friendly way. "Danger!" I moaned loud enough for it to echo in my room. He moaned again and brought my face down to his. I dove into his mouth and began to battle with his punishing tongue for dominance. Him being the dom, bit my tongue and made me give in. 

I felt his hands in the front of my leather pants and stars danced behind my eyes. He felt so good, so right. Everything was going in a blur as his hand grasped me through the tight fortress that kept my erection locked up tight. "Fuck, Bryce!" he groaned when i bit his lip. 

"Fuck me, Danger," I hissed. He smiled and threw me back onto the bed. His hand dove into my pants but a hard slap hit my face, making me snap up out of the bed fast. My chest puffed up and down as I looked over at Danger who was fully clothed in a tight black v-neck, black skinny's, and black combat boots. 

A dream. It had all been a damn dream. 

"What the fuck? You fell asleep and then the next thing I know you are screaming and thrashing around," he said with curious eyes. "What were you dreaming about?"

Oh just fucking you senseless. "Nico," I said. His eyes darkened and he shot up giving me a nice view of his ass in those tight skinny jeans. I wanted to reach out and grab that firm ass in my hands until he moaned my name, but good Bryce and angry Bryce knew better. We were still mad at him. I was still mad at him. 

He turned around suddenly and slapped me hard across the face. I gasped and then moaned when he yanked me up and slammed his mouth to mine. I had no time to react as he slammed my back to the wall and yanked my legs up onto his waist. 

If this is a dream, I will kill someone. 

"You are so infuriating," he groaned into my neck. I nodded. He sucked on my skin but quickly stopped when Jamie walked into my room with a huge smile that quickly fell when he saw Danger all over me. 

"I knew it!" he screamed. "I knew it! I knew IT!" He screamed again. Danger dropped me so fast I had no time to react before my head hit the side of the dresser. I yelped in pain and Danger came down fast to see what happened. 

"You know what! Don't touch me!" I screamed. I pushed him away from me and then stood up on my shaky legs. I walked out of the room so fast I bet he thought I was inhuman. Striker watched me throw my wings out and then fly away to the only place that made me feel good. 



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