Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents

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The following is an excerpt from my book, the table of contents followed by the first entry on worst presidents. I will publish other excerpts to follow.

What follows is absolutely true. Nothing has been changed, no facts have been concealed, unlike what it routinely mistaught at most public schools.

Presidents' Body Counts:

The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents

Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions

by Al Carroll

Table of Contents

Introduction: How to Judge a President, or the Presidency If Human Life Mattered

Section One: Presidents' Roles in Genocide

Nixon and Cambodia

Reagan and Central America

Jackson and the Trail of Tears

Section Two: Turning a Blind Eye to Genocide

Franklin Roosevelt and the Holocaust

Nixon and Genocide in Bangladesh

Clinton and Rwandan Genocide

Polk, Fillmore, Buchanan and Genocide Against California Indians

Ford and East Timor

Jefferson and the Haitian Revolution

Nixon's Betrayal of the Kurds

The Worst American Presidents on Slavery

Section Three: Presidents’ Roles in Wartime Atrocities

McKinley and the US Conquest of the Philippines

Franklin Roosevelt and Truman Target German and Japanese Civilians

Truman Drops the A-Bomb

Polk Provokes the US-Mexico War

Obama Orders Drone Assassinations

Nixon's Pardon in the My Lai Massacre

Section Four: Mass Deaths Because of a President's Incompetence or Ideological Blindness

Deregulation From Reagan to GW Bush

Truman and the Cold War

Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, and the US-Vietnam War

GW Bush and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

James Buchanan and the Civil War

Reagan and Bush Sr.'s War on Drugs

James Madison and the War of 1812

Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal

GW Bush and Hurricane Katrina

Bill Clinton and the Branch Davidians

Section Five: Presidents' Roles in Other American Wars of Aggression

Indian Wars Were Really American Invasions

The Many Other US Invasions of Latin America

US Government Use of Biological and Chemical Warfare and Presidents' Roles

The Post Cold War Invasions of Somalia and the Gulf War

Section Six: Ignoring Terrorism in America

Andrew Johnson and White Supremacist Terrorists in Reconstruction

Cuban-American Terrorists: Organized by Kennedy, Pardoned by Bush Sr.

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