Chapter 15

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"Who's been messin' with my family" a familiar southern said voice strutting from the elevator.

"Ah, i missed that charm you got" Elliot said kissing the brunette hello. "Olivia's at her desk come on"

"Dana!" Olivia said standing up.

"Livy" Dana and Olivia were hugging long.

They were bestfriends before Dana went undercover and had to plead guilty to murder in the 1st degree. She was in 'jail'for a long time,with no contact to the outside world what so ever. This was their first seeing each other in 7 years.

"How ya been?" Dana said asking her best friend.

"Yea. Hangin' in there." Olivia said wanting to tell her friend what happened over the past couple of years but didn't know how.

"Were of the.." Dana asked.

"Yea. Twice." Olivia said as Dana grabbed Olivia's shoulders as embracement.

"Oh. Honey let's go back home." Dana said meaning Olivia's apartment.

Olivia and Dana were sitting on the couch gossiping like middle school girls.

"Wheres the bathroom?" Dana said.

"Down the hall to the right." Olivia said.

Dana was walking back to the den when she passed Paisley and Brianna sitting her room playing dolls.

"Liv there is a little Benson in the little girls room" dana said not knowing Olivia had a child.

"Yea" Olivia chuckled. "Her name is Paisley"

"Oh so you and stabler finally hooked up" Dana said thinking she was saying yes liked she had always hoped.

"Uh. No not really. That guy. William Lewis." Olivia said disgusted.

Olivia's phone rang.

"Whatsup Cap?"

"Amanda just went into labor. Mercy hospital she wants you there"

"On my way" olivia said hanging up "Dana can you take care of Paisley tonight for a bit the spare bedroom is in the back, tell Brianna ill pay her tomorrow."

Olivia was driving with her lights on ad the sirens blaring driving to the hospital. She sat there thinking tht the baby was going to be 1 month early. "Oh my god" she said under her breath driving faster.

"Liv she wants you" Cragen said panicking.

"Liv" Amanda said extending her hand toward Olivia.

"Its okay babe im right here." Olivia said reassuring the blonde.

"But the baby. Its so early." Amanda said.

"No it will be fine. Just get some rest ill be right here." Olivia said sitting in the chair still holding her hand.

"Ms Olivia Benson." the nurse whispered into the room. " please come here for a moment."

"Whats wrong?" Olivia asked.

"Nothing but remember how Amanda didnt want to find the baby's gender?" The nurse said.

"Well yea i was there" Olivia answered.

"Yea. Well she having twins. We didnt tell her that day because she didnt want to know the baby's gender and we never talked about the babies besides the health" the nurse said slightly embarrassed.

"Oh. Wow." Olivia said in shock but annoyed at the hospital for over looking such a big deal.

Olivia walked into Amanda's room and sat in the bed thinking how she was gonna tell her she's having twins.

"So have you thought of any names." Olivia asked.

"Yea." Amanda said " if its a girl, Mackenzie or McKayla. And if its a boy then James or Justin."

"Wonderful names. Amanda the nurse told me something pretty important today while you fell asleep."

"Did I lose the ba-baby"Amanda asked nervously.

"No! You actually gained one" Olivia said with a tiny smirk.

"You mean, twins?!" Amanda said excited.

"Yea. Twins." Olivia smiled happy at Amanda's response.

"Oh my gos-" Amanda was cut off my her lower abdomen hurting. "Ow Liv" Amanda was ready to have the twins.

"Just breathe baby" Olivia said "if there is one thing I know about giving birth is breathe, i almost passed out"

The nurse came in to Amanda's room.

Within 30 minutes, there was 2 Rollin babies in the room with the squad.

"This is McKayla and Justin." Amanda said raising her baby boy and pointing to the her baby girl in Olivia's arm

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