Kurama Training

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N-naru, p-please fuck me more! I need more!
I've been fucking you all day. You have to learn to deal with just having a tail inside you.
No! Please! More! Please! Naru, I need more of your big cock!
Your such a whore, Kurama. Yes, I know it's my fault for mentally breaking you during training, but still. I mean, yeah, I can make my cock grow to the size of your body while in my mind, but that doesn't mean it has an unlimited horniness.
Yes it does! Now come on! Fuck me Naru! Fuck me! Please!
Fine, fine, but only 10 rounds. Not 50 like last time.
No Kurama, no buts. Take it in the butt 10 times or not at all. I'll even give you one round with your throat. But in return, you have to teach me the jutsu that allows you to impregnate a man.
It's a deal, now give it!
Here we go again.

Naruto POV

Flashback to training with Jiraya

"Hey Pervy Sage, what's the quickest way to tame Kurama? And, how can I satisfy, that part of me, if you won't let me, you know?" I asked, while blushing from the embarrassing things I said. At least Kurama's asleep.

"Well Naruto, I have the perfect solution to both. Break the Kyuubi mentally while you use it to satisfy your sexual needs." Jiraya gave a Pervy grin then whispered "good luck" then left for the red light district.

"How the hell am I supposed to do that?! Ugh! He'll kill me before I do anything like that." I sat under a tree to think. "I GOT IT! I just have to do it while he's asleep!" I shouted. "Oh shit, too loud." I whispered.

I then closed my eyes and entered my mindscape. I made sure to creep towards Kurama very quietly.

After a few minutes, I arrived next to the sleeping fox and did something I'd never tried before. I focused on something that I wanted to happen really hard, until it happened. And suddenly, my dick was larger than Kurama.

I made sure he was still asleep before I thought really hard about unbreakable chains and snapped them on Kurama before he could wake up. When he did, he saw my gigantic cock and knew exactly what I was doing. He cowered in fear and tried to escape the chains.

After some struggling, he looked at me and began begging me not to do what I was about to. But I didn't listen. I just approached the terrified fox and placed my member at his entrance.

Then, without warning, I slammed the entire thing in. The focus screamed. He screamed so loud, it gave me a headache, but I kept going. I pounded in and out, again and again. After awhile of me continually pounding him with my cock, he began to move his hips and moan. This is way easier than I thought. After a few hours of me fucking him, he broke his chains and tackled me and started riding me himself. Yelling stuff like "more" and "cum in me". That type of stuff. I felt a bit bad for breaking the mind of the fox, but it felt so good, it didn't matter. But then, I realised, he'll never stop. The tailed beasts have unstoppable libedos! Oh shit! I then used my shadow clone jutsu to create 100 versions of the current me with the huge cock, and let them take Kura. I then left my mind scale and left them to it.

End flashback

Hey guys, just decided to give you a chapter of NaruKura cuz I like the ship, it just doesn't go with the story too well so this'll probably be the only bit. Just know that the reason Kurama isn't talking throughout this thing is cuz he's being fucked by Naruto clones in his mind scale, constantly and is a total whore for Naruto. Bit sorry it was so short. I promise the next one won't be. Vote, comment, and share. See yah next time.


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