Chapter 29

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Izzy's P.O.V

I was placed on Jack's back after my panic attack. We started trudging to Cam's room. Why? I have no idea nobody tells me anything. Once we get to the door Brianna and Jack pause. I feel this happy bubbly feeling and immediately realize what is was. I smiled hand had Jack put me down. I raced for the door so excited I thought I might throw up. I swung open the door and there was Cam. I threw down my crutches and just ran on my boot over to him. I would just rather have a broken ankle for the rest of my life than not see Cam. "CAMERON!" I embraced his upper half, to not hurt his stitches. He laughs but hugs me back in a bone crushing best hug. I start to cry and turn back to where Brianna and Jack are still standing in surprise. Me and Cam laugh simultaneously and Jack is the first to snap out of his trance. I lay down next to Cam and just hug him. Jack smiles huge and walks over. Brianna just stands at the door until she breaks down and cries. "Brianna?" I say confused. "Why are you sad? He is alive, breathing, awake, and oh yah ALIVE." she laughs and nods wiping away the tears underneath her eyes. "I am crying because I am happy, stupid." I laugh with her until she comes over and lays down on the other side of Cam. "Hey looky here. My two favorite gals." Cam says in the worst southern accent ever. Even right now Cam will crack one of his crappy jokes. I look at Jack and we share the same look. I hop and turn to hug Cam one more time. "Bye Cammy. I'm gonna leave you two lovebirds to catch up. Me and Jack will be next door." He nods and kisses my forehead but then grabs my wrist. "Where's Nash?" Oh yah I gotta text him. "Oh Brianna sent him home after 7 hours of watching me fall apart." he slowly nods then says, "Izzy I love you a lot a lot a lot and Im sorry that I put you through all this. You too Jack and Brianna." I feel myself tearing up so I hug him then moan. "Uhh Jack could you grab my crutches?" Jack laughs at me but tosses me the crutches. We make our way out to my room. I hope Cam is officially okay.

I just wanted to update today because I never had another chance all day! But anywho I hope you enjoyed!

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