Chapter Twelve

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I slathered red lipstick into my lips, Harry's intense stare burning into my back as he sat on the edge of my bed, his hands in his pockets. I looked at him through the mirror as he checked me out, licking his lips and clearing his throat.

"Harry if you think I'm peng just tell me for goodness sake," I rolled my eyes and walked over to my small Yves Saint Laurent clutch and threw in the lipstick, just in case I needed to put on some more.

"I wasn't even looking at you, I was looking at Coco," he shrugged.

"So you've got a boner because of my dog?" I turned to face him, "I think you should see someone Harry,"

He chuckled, "How could I not look at you?" he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap, "you look amazing,"

I swatted his face away from mine and stood up, "Thanks, but your 247 girlfriends don't want me on your lap,"

"243," he corrected, "four of them found new guys to play with,"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my clutch, "I'm going to go and get Henry so I can go and pick up Cass. Don't touch anything or look through anything in my room," he shrugged, "I mean it,"

If he went so far as the bathroom, and opened the little pink case in the cabinet above my sink, he'd find my blade and a little diary filled with my thoughts and feelings. If he found that, he would know everything, and the private life of Katie Darlington wouldn't be so private anymore.

Although it never was anyways.

Harry's POV
As soon as I was sure Katie had left I started snooping around her room. She told me not to, but that meant she had something to hide. Maybe something useful. As if on cue, my phone began to ring.

"Hello? Auntie Julie? No I'm just at Katie's house. Yeah I will. You might be pleased with me depending on- Ok, I'll make sure you are pleased with me then. No hesitation whatsoever you'll love me," I smiled, sitting back down on her bed, "ok, bye,"

"I didn't know you had an Auntie Julie," Mrs Darlington said, walking into the room.

I cleared my throat, "Um yes, she's my auntie by law but yeah, she's my auntie," she smiled at me.

"Mmh, you're a good boy Harry. You know that?" she opened the door to leave, "just be careful with Katie though. She's fragile at times," I nodded repeatedly. What did she mean by that? "your mum is downstairs with me, want to join us before we all leave?" I shook my head and she nodded.

As soon as she closed the door, I shot right up and started exploring. I found underwear, bras, a few contracts and other things around her room but nothing interesting enough to annoy her. I decided to take a look in the bathroom, if there wasn't any secrets in her room, there could possibly be some in her bathroom.

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