Chapter Four

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Jax's POV

It took me a couple seconds before I started to freak out in my mind. I have twenty minutes until my first day starts. What if he's one of those cruel bosses that gives you thousands of errands to run and they all have to be done in exactly ten minutes. Okay, I'm a little over exaggerating, but I'm just worried.

I press the button to the elevators and wait. The longer it takes for the elevator to come the less time I have to remember exactly where Mr. Lee's office is. What would happen if I don't get there in time? Would he fire me? I can't be fired on my first day. What would that make me look like?

When the elevator finally gets here I stop on and press the eleventh floor button. While waiting for the elevator to get here I start to think about where Mr. Lee's office is, but those thought went to what he's wearing and what may be underneath.

"Stop it Jax!" I say quietly to myself. "You cannot be having these thoughts about your new boss. You may get a boner in the middle of work and then what would he think? He'd probably fire you on the spot!" By the time I've finished reprimanding myself the elevator beeps signaling we've made it to the right floor. I take a deep breathe and step outside before walking towards the end of the hallway. I'm pretty sure this is his office.

'Only one way to find out.' I think to myself before knocking a couple times. I wait for a few seconds before I hear Mr. Lee say a quiet come in. 'Here goes nothing.'

I push open the door before going to sit in front of Mr. Lee. It's quiet for a couple of seconds while he finishes up whatever he was doing before I came in. Once he finishes he sets his pen down and looks at me. He doesn't say anything, just silently observes me. My thoughts from earlier start to come back and I have to stop myself from thinking about that. My boss probably isn't gay and even if he was he wouldn't go for me.

"Jax," he begins. "I know this is your first day so I will go easy on you. Remember, not everyday will be like this, but not everyday will be busy. It depends on how much I have planned and how much work I need done." I nod in reply. This is nothing like I thought it would be. I thought he would order me off the bat to do something ridiculous like get everyone in the building coffee. I know he doesn't seem like the guy to do that, but I have my fears and worries. "For your first assignment I would like you to take this document and make sixteen copies and have it finished before ten. When you are done come back here and we will discuss what you will be doing next."

This is nothing like I thought my first day would be. For some reason, I thought he would test me by giving outrageous assignments like you see in tv sometimes. I'm so glad he isn't that way. I don't know how long I could've lasted here.

He hands me the document and I stand up before making my way to the room with the copying machines. I make exactly sixteen copies like he asked me too before making my way back to his office.

Maybe this job won't be so bad after all.

Sorry for the long wait for this chapter. I had writer's block and didn't know how I exactly wanted to go with this story, but I think I finally have it figured out.

Also, I will be publishing a boyxboy one shots book soon so if you want to check that out when it's published you're welcome to.

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