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"Babymama" We all said

"Yes now where Pnb" She said again

"Nawww shawty who you my brother ain't got no babymomma"Meen said

"Brother" I thought

"I'm Carter now where Pnb for the last time" She said putting her hand on her hip

"He ain't here" Peso said gathering his stuff

"Yes he is he in the house" Pablo said

"Yo what the fuck" Bangbang said

"Well y'all shouldn't be lying to her" He said pointing at her

As she walked in the house we all followed.

"Pnb why haven't you call me" Carter said making a scene

"Ayye now you was a fuck and duck" He said walking away from her

"So you telling me he don't look like you" Carter said showing everbody a picture

"Noooo" Everbody said laughing

"Girl get yo ugly ass out of here you just want some money bald head bitch" Shay said opening the door for her

"Now I could actually get along with her if she was like this all the time" I thought

"Ion care he the father so ion care what nobody say" She said walking towards the door

"Wait Carter to be real that baby could be mine looks don't mean shit" Rakim said

"What" I said

"Yea I did fuck with her for like month and I know Ian use a condom all the time we can get a DNA test" He said tuning back in his phone

"Why everybody don't know who they children is" Asia said laughing
1 Month Later


"Monica get the hell off of me damn" I said pushing her off of me

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"Monica get the hell off of me damn" I said pushing her off of me

"No cus I told you not do that and what you did you did it" Moni said upset

Me and Moni aren't as close as sisters get but we getting there. When we found out we were related hell broke loose but once we found out we had things in common pieces started to come together.

"Okay I'm sorry get the fuck off of me" I said

"Daddddyyy" Moni yelled

"What damn" He said walking towards our room

"Shay cussing at me again" She snitch

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