the life of naruko and sasuke

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Naruko woke up so happy.  She was thinking how lucky she is to  have sasuke uchiha in her  life.  Hey kurama?  "Yes kit  what's up " you were right  he accepted that I have you seal in  me . "I told you kit  that  he will  accept you no matter what " naruko  got up  walk in the shower  washing her  hair. Afterwards  she put  her hair in a ponytail  and her famous  orange outfit... she  still pretending to be a boy  since kakashi sensei and sakura  since  they don't know that she is a girl. She was there  first.  Hey  dope  your here early?  Of course saskue I have to  ask you if I  should be myself  with  sakura and kakashi sensei... I hate lying to them  about me being a girl  and dating you... I know sakura  will be upset with me especially since she likes you  so  much...  naruko  I don't care what she thinks.  I think of her like a sister  nothing more... okay sasuke  naruko was so happy she hopes sakura won't hate her  for taking sasuke from her.... Kakashi  meant up with sakura  heading towards the training field... hey sasuke kun  ... hey sasuke kun  let's go out after training  today. . No sakura I'm not interested in you  so just stop it. .  Sakura  kakashi sensei  there something I should tell you  so please be  patient with me  I'm  nervous about this. The truth is I'm not a boy I'm a girl  my real name is naruko uzumaki.  Please don't hate me.  Also sakura. Yes saskue kun.  I'm not interested in dating you ever. I only see you as a sister.  Oh  I see.  Naruko why did you  pretend to be a boy?  I can only tell you  half the reason why.  The villagers  hate me for a reason they would see me and beat me half to death.  Oh naruko so sorry I feel bad for you.  Thanks sakura.  Sasuke  can I  ask you a question?  Are you dating someone right now?  Yes  sakura  I am.  Oh I see you are you seeing.  I'm seeing  naruko  sakura.  Oh well  naruko and sasuke  good luck  I support you guys %100 . Just make her happy sasuke  ok. I will sakura  thanks for  supporting us  naruko was afraid you would be upset with her. Aww naruko  I wouldn't be upset I'm happy for you. . Sakura  walked up to naruko and huge  her. Good luck naruko.  Thanks  sakura  this means so much to me.  Can you and me  be friends?  I would love to be your friend. 

Thanks for reading my story I will update more soon.  Sorry for not updated  last week  I was  sick  for few days  just started to feel better. Please vote and comment on the story  thanks

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