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     jj and i were watching some disney show when the doorbell rang. i hopped up from my spot on the couch, practically running to the door. i looked through the peephole and immediately saw zendaya glaring back at me through the other end.

     i opened the door, letting zendaya, tom, and haz in. tom was holding a bag the size of me, the scent of hot pizza hitting me face first. they all looked towards the living room when jj let out a squeak and launched herself at zendaya.

     "ZEE!" the four year old giggled. zendaya swooped up my niece, the two of them walking towards the kitchen .

     "hi, i'm bea. you must be harrison," i smiled, holding out my hand for him to shake.

     "call me haz," he smiled back. he wrapped his arms around me, completely throwing me off guard. honestly, i wasn't complaining because he smelled incredible, but i won't be telling anyone that.

     "well when you all are done with your intimate introductions, i need to set this fifty pound bag of pizza down somewhere," tom grunted.

     "the kitchen is in here," i said, guiding the two boys to where zendaya and jj were.

     tom sat down the pizza bag and pulled me into a quick hug. i smiled at him, turning away to grab plates from the cabinet so everyone could eat. tom worked at pulling pizzas out of the bag and jj helped zendaya to get everyone something to drink. gradually, we all got our food and moved to the living room, arguing over what to watch.

     "i don't see why we just can't watch this," zendaya said, motioning at the screen.

     "we are not watching k.c. undercover. i refuse to see you any more than i have to," tom retorted, kicking his feet up on the coffee table.

     i handed haz the remote since he was the only one who hadn't been furiously trying to steal it. he stuck his tongue out at tom and started flicking through the channels, finally settling on a movie that i didn't know the name of. "this is kid friendly, right?" i asked haz, eyes flicking to where jj sat on zendaya's lap.

     "yeah, don't worry," he said, placing the remote on the couch between us.

     we watched the movie, the silence only broken when someone laughed or when jj would ask tom if he had games on his phone. eventually, i guess he got tired of her constantly climbing on him and his chair and downloaded a game for her to play. she sat contentedly on his lap, playing a game that sounded suspiciously like it had something to do with spiderman. of course.

     at some point, haz and i had fallen asleep, using each other as pillows. i awoke to the sound of my brother snapping a picture of the two of us. i shook haz awake, hiding my blush as i introduced everyone. we all hung out for a bit, getting to know each other and eating the remaining pizza. somehow, jj ended up in my lap, whispering in my ear that she approved of me and haz being together, zendaya cackling in the background.

     "thanks for having us over, bea. it was really nice to meet you," haz said at the end of the night, rubbing the back of his neck and looking down.

     "thanks for coming over. it was great meeting you too, haz," i smiled at him. he pulled me in for a lingering hug, waving bye and walking out to tom's car.

     everyone else said their goodbyes, and at the end of the day jensen was getting jj a bedtime snack, rattling around in the kitchen. i walked in and pushed myself up onto the counter, watching my big brother do his thing. "that harrison kid, i like him," jensen said, his back still turned away from me as he made a pb&j sandwich.

     i blushed, brushing hair behind my ear. "yeah, he's really nice." jay looked at me over his shoulder, one eyebrow cocked as he chuckled lowly. i bowed my head and tried to ignore his stare, but he moved in front of me.

     "look, i'm not going to get involved in your love life bea, but make sure you look at all of your options. tom, he was looking at you just as much as harrison was," jensen shrugged.

     "oh, shut up, jay. isn't it your bedtime?" i joked, hopping off the counter and brushing past him towards my bedroom.

     i laid in bed that night and thought about what he'd said. haz is cute, and so is tom, but i'm not going to overthink this. they're my friends, and that's all that matters. as my eyes were drifting closed, my phone started vibrating like crazy, but i sleepily turned it off. i could deal with whatever it was tomorrow, when i won't be watching a four year old who refuses to take naps.

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