After grabbing my lunch I walked over to our table seeing the girls but the guys no where to be found. Reaching the table I sat next to Jasmine and Leah and hazel sitting across from us.

Opening my carton of chocolate milk I took a sip but stoped when I looked at hazel and Leah closely. They both had the grins of their faces and that's when it hit me, their scent... it changed. I looked to Jasmine and we shared the same look before looking back to them watching them closely.

I felt Jasmine poke me with her elbow, looking to her she pointed to their neck, with all the talking their doing they didn't even notice Jasmine pointing at them. Focusing on Leah's neck I noticed it was a little red so is hazels. Remembering what Kaden told me about focusing on what you want and that what I did. And that's when I saw it....their mark.

"Oh my god!". Me and jasmine said at the same time causing them to look at us.

"When were you going to tell us, you both are terrible friends". Jasmine yelled, looking around the room she got some attention from a couple of people.

"We-I don't know what your talking about". Hazel said trying to play dumb, but Jasmine wasn't having it.

"Oh don't play dumb please explain why you both have your mates scents mixed with yours and why your neck is red". She laughed

"Okay, okay, well I'm just marked and Leah over there is um well I should just let her tell it". Hazel said looking to Leah who was quiet this whole time.

"Thanks a lot hay hay". She said which caused hazel to scrunch up her nose at the nickname.

"I'll tell you guys everything, but not here theres to many ears". She said leaning in more to us.

"Well I drove my car to school today and we have about 15 more minutes of lunch left so...". I said trailing off waiting for an answer.

Everyone nodded their head and so we got up threw our trash away and left the cafeteria only to be stopped by the guys.

"Where are you all off to?". Greyson said opening his big mouth getting the others attention.

"Athena's car she left something in it". Jasmine casually said.

"All you need to go?". This comment came from Jonas himself, the guy who we are about to gossip about.

Kaden looked at no one else but me staring into my eyes as if the answer is there. After a moment of silence Kaden broke it.

"Okay be back in 10 minutes though". He said in a strict voice.

"Okay". The girls said expect me of course. I didn't like the way he tried to command me like that, I'll be getting my revenge.

About to walk off with the rest of the girls I was pulled back by Kaden's hand. Turning to him I sighed.

"I didn't hear you say okay". His tone was not needed.

"I know it's just I didn't know I needed permission from you". And with that I walked off to the rest of the group that was waiting patiently for me down the hallway. Getting to the parking lot and finding the car took less than two minutes.

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