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It's been two months since Sang Sorenson moved to Charleston, South Carolina and she's trying her hardest to fit in and stay unnoticed. Things take an odd turn when, on the dawn of her eighteenth birthday, she receives a message with the potential to change her life forever.

She has been granted Infinity and if she accepts, she will cease to age until the end of time.


The Academy of Infinite was my main focus for The Academy Fan Fiction's Update Days! event (August 26th - September 2nd, 2017). Each chapter has been edited by the lovely and talented author penmarks / tteastains. Chapter length fluctuates depending on content, but they tend to be quite long (more often than not, they are over 4,000 words, some of them even double that).

This story contains the following: polyandry, profanity, graphic violence (including child abuse, bullying, and mentions of torture), immortality, and other fantasy elements. Please verify if these topics are acceptable and enjoyable to you before reading. For the more disturbing things on that list, see below for my stance regarding trigger warnings/content warnings.

I will use content warnings. If a chapter deals with something I think may be traumatic or distressing to some readers, even in the slightest amount, I will enlist a content warning at the start. If this bothers you, please just ignore them. This is something I feel strongly about.

This story is a CONFIRMED reverse-harem happily ever after (HEARH/RHHEA).

Sang will (eventually) have romantic relationships with all nine members of the Blackbourne Team. If this type of relationship bothers you, please stop reading this fan fiction at once.



The Academy of Infinite is a Ghost Bird fan fiction set in an alternate universe. Most characters contained herein are the intellectual property of C.L. Stone. No infringement of her copyright is intended. No monetary gain will be made from this work. The creation of this fan fiction is protected under fair use.


Usually nightmares plagued me, but that night it was different. I dreamed of a bright white light emanating from an infinity symbol. Voices whispered soft, indistinct things. Even though I couldn't understand their words, my heart throbbed at the unfamiliar emotion that overtook me.

I was safe. I was accepted. I was home.

I never wanted to leave.


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