Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

"What is it?" I asked frantically when she remained silent; I could hear her shaky breaths through the phone.

I bit my lip in anticipation, my heart racing, and the taste of metal in my mouth.

"They said she's having heart problems, and they don't know if she'll make it. They said if you're going to come, to come now, because there might not be a later. I called her parents and they said they're trying to catch a flight back home." She explained, and my eyes started watering.

"Bye." Was all I said before pressing the 'end call' button.

I stood up and slammed my fist into the wall, creating a deep dent.

I slid my shoes on, ignoring the fact that I was in joggers and a white tank top.

I didn't bother waking mom up, and left for my car.

I drove as fast as I could without getting pulled over for speeding.

I raced into the hospital and into the waiting room where Macie was tapping her foot against the ground anxiously.

"Go ahead and go in." She said, her voice thick with emotion.

I nodded, and opened the door, seeing Devan lying there unconsciously.

The machine to her right beeping slowly.

I blinked back on-coming years.

I sat at her side, and grabbed her hand, squeezing it slightly.

"I wouldn't say this if you were concious, but you aren't, so here I go," I let out a shaky breath.

"I've not even tried to like anyone since my ex-love, Hailey, died. But with you, I couldn't stop myself from liking you.
You're amazing, and you're the only person capable of making me want to be around my sister," I chuckled lightly.

"I don't know how long it'll take for me to completely fall for you, but at the rate this is going, if you make it, it won't take long." I said honestly.

I didn't notice I was crying until a tear dropped off of my chin and landed on her shoulder, making that part of her hospital gown go damp.

I rested my forehead on her shoulder and closed my eyes, sniffling a bit.

I feel like such a girl, I don't cry. I haven't cried since, Hailey died.


The machine went silent for a minute before the beeping stopped and it went flat.

I gasped, and a nurse and doctor ran into the room.

Everything was moving in slow motion, it was as though I was watching all of this from the outside.

She can't be gone, she can't!

I closed my eyes and counted to three, but when I opened my eyes, she was still lying, dead, in the hospital bed.

The nurse ushered me out of the room, sending me a soft smile.

I couldn't return it, I could hardly move. My legs were numb, I was numb.

Tears were streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks.

Why me? Why always me?

I don't want to lose another one.

I already have.

I dropped in the seat next to Macie, and she sent me a weak smile, her own cheeks wet from crying.

I brought my hands up to my face and started sobbing, my whole body shaking.

I tried to take in a deep breath, but it hurt.

I ignored Macie's pleas to stay calm and stormed out of the hospital and around to the back alley.

I kicked the wall, Ignoring the sting in my foot.

Then I punched the wall multiple times.

My knuckles were skinned, but I kept punching the wall, eventually the skin broke and my knuckles were bleeding.

I cried out, tugging at my hair furiously.

Pain tugging at my heart, ice flowing through my veins making me furious, at what, I'm not sure, but something.

I wiped the tears from my face and say on a piece of broken stone.

I kicked a rock with the end of my shoe and watched as it rolled across the rest of the gravel.

She's gone.


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