Dinner with the Justice League

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"What do I have to get ready for again," I asked Tim who was finding his way over to the coffee bar. "Dinner with the League," he said. "It happens every year once a year, and this year Bruce was picked to be the host."

"And people aren't going to find it weird that Superman and the Flash are going to be here?"

"They all come in their normal personas. Clark Kent, Barry Allen, Diana Prince, etc."

"Oh," I say. "Is there any cover for tonight's events?"

"Nope, just a 'business dinner.'" I nod in response and pour my own cup of coffee. "Oh, and one more thing, do not, I repeat DO NOT under any circumstances give the Flash coffee, and do not let Kid Flash near any source of caffeine."

"Okay," I laugh. "Why? Can't they control it?"

"Barry can control it most of the time, but he's a speedster so he already has a ton of energy. Wally can't control it as much, and Bruce and the rest of the League forbid it. The last time they both nearly created a wormhole and the Leauge had to stop it, so for our sanity yes, they may not have caffeine."

"Okay, well I'm going to go get ready then," I giggle. "Is there any dress code?"

"Kinda, just where something semi-formal, but be casual at the same time." I nod and mouth a 'thank you' at him before disappearing up the stairs. I have been working and living with the Batfamily for about half a year now, and it was amazing. It was nice having people I could trust to have my back when fighting. Bruce and the boys have been so kind to me; Bruce even offered to have a Batgirl suit tailored for me, but I turned him down. I prefer my own suit; it actually matched the Black Canary's pretty well, but I went under the name Siren. "Hey," Jason said, passing me in the hallway wearing nothing but a towel slung dangerously low on his hips. "Hey," I blushed. "What's up," he said, standing in front of me now.

"Going to get ready for this dinner I guess. It's going to be awkward though I know nobody."

"You know me," he smirked. "You can hang with me and Arsenal."

"We'll see," I laughed, still staring at the floor. I didn't want to get caught staring at him because damn that boy was beautiful. "Alright, see you later (y/l/n)," he said, pulling my head up so I had to look him in the eyes. "See you later," I smiled before pulling away and quickly walking to my room. Why does Bruce have to pick two of the hottest guys in Gotham to be his sidekicks? Well, I guess they're heroes on their own now, they just live here.

When I get to my room, I quickly shut and lock the door and sink down to the floor. "Wow," I mumble to myself. After a few minutes, I force myself up and begin to get ready. Quickly I take a shower, fix my hair, do my makeup, and begin to raid my closet for something half decent to wear. Eventually, I settle on...



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