Breakfast Buffet

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The distant smell of food awoke me from my peaceful slumber, my eyes taking a few minutes to adjust to the overhead light that deliberately had to be right over my blurry, sleepy vision.

I propped myself up and was shocked at the image before me. A small breakfast tray snuggled into the right side of the bed, a luxurious card placed right in the middle of the breakfast buffet that I was dying to pursue and prod.

My hand shakily grasped the card and as careful as I could, I brought it back to my chest expecting to see something pop out at me as a prank from Ryan or Chaz.

I was pleasantly surprised when nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I proceeded to rip the card open, a little school girl smile satisfying my groggy, puffy red face.

The smile deepened as I read the contents of the letter.

Hey Parvati, I just couldn't bring myself to wake you, you looked too cute. So I hope you enjoy this breakfast and the guys and me will be at the beach! - JB

My blue dark eyes traveled up to the tray, and in shock, my mouth hung open in excitement. All my favorite breakfast delights were scattered across the tray. From crispy bacon melted in syrup to pancakes, he had given me a bombshell to wake up too. A nice bombshell, that is.

It took me no time to devour the food he had given me. And that is when it dawned on me.. how did he know I loved this exact food, in the exact way I myself would make it?

The bacon was draped in syrup and they didn't touch the pancakes — the way I like it.

The orange juice contained no pulp — the way I like it.

He must've asked Ryan or Chaz, because I knew for a fact no man could possibly ever guess something so immense.

With that, I sprang up from bed and changed, heading down to the beach while I dodged people who also had a similar interest in mind. We were all dying to get to the beach, me for other reasons then tanning and scoping out hot guys that so happened to play volleyball on the sandy mixture of land.

My eyes scanned around the beach, fixating on three boys who sat laughing while two girls clung onto Ryan and Chaz. Feeling a little awkward, I turned on my heels to go back up to the hotel. I wasn't in the mood and I decided I could just thank him later for the devious breakfast he had planned out for me. I had it all planned out - I'd go back to the hotel room. That plan changed when I heard his piercing manly voice that was louder than any waves that crashed down at the shore.


I cringed and my body froze in it's walking format. I spun around, an awkward smile covering up my expression of pure agony.

“Helloo..” My hand raised and it waved in the air like a robot would.

He gave me a half smile, pulling me into a bear hug where my feet left the ground.

“Did you like your breakfast?” He whispered in my ear, still gripping me in a hug.

I nodded, a sincere smile turning up and replacing the awkward one.

“It was wonderful!” I exploded in a bliss of happiness, thinking of the sight of the breakfast that was now settling in my stomach.

He let go of my body, my feet planting onto the ground with a thump.

“You sound so happy,” he chuckled lightly, “haven't your past boyfriends treated you like that?”

I pursed my lips, a straight line forming on my lips completely. If only I had a boyfriend to ever experience this, I thought. My love life was never spectacular, and I never went out of my way to impress a guy, nonetheless date them.

“Tell me you've had a boyfriend?” He exclaimed, a pure grin showing up on his features when he noticed my crimson reaction towards his question.

I looked from his sandled feet to his knee's, my eyes brows creasing.

“My love life is none of your business,” I announced, turning and stalking off with a beat red, embarrassed expression.

A warm sensation hit my arm and I soon noticed his grasp around my arm was not loosening up. I turned around, an annoyed look visible on my face.

“I didn't mean it like.. it's a bad thing..” he was at lost with words and his hand met the back of his neck.

“It's okay,” I said blandly, rubbing at my arm. “So, how did you know I like all of that?”

He shrugged, “Ryan and Chaz.”

I nodded slowly and he smiled, opening his arms up as if to say 'hug me.' I stared at this motion with complete confusion and Justin laughed, throwing his arms around me.

“You know, you're a lovable person.” I noted, jotting it down in the imaginary notebook I kept in my head.

“You know, you're a very weird person.”

I crinkled my nose and pulled away, confused wiping across my face to indicate for him to carry on and explain his theory about me.

He chuckled, “I mean, who eats bacon with maple syrup?”

We both ended up laughing, his laugh echoing the Bahamas in a rich raspy tone. It was almost better than watching Pride and Prejudice.. almost.

Day two, he gave me my favorite breakfast to wake up too.

I was now eager to wake up the next morning, awaiting my next surprise. The thoughts of making him regret making a bet washed away when he had watched Pride and Prejudice with me. I was now confused about the situation, but I couldn't help but feel giddy as my head hit the pillow.

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