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            Call me, pleeeeease! I texted Harry at lunchtime. I heard he was going on another interview today with the guys and I wanted to talk to him before he went on. I was sitting in the back room of my store with Camille for our lunch break. We had an hour and the interview was at a perfect time for us to be able to watch the whole thing.

            My phone vibrated on the table in front of me and I picked it up.

            “Hellloooo?” I said drawing out the word to annoy Harry.

            “Hey, is something wrong?”

            “What? No, nothing’s wrong…”

            “Then why’d you ask me to call you?”

            “I wanted to talk to you, that’s why silly,” I smiled and I saw Camille looking at me. She was texting Zayn again.

            “Oh, okay,” Harry replied.

            “What? Do you not want to talk to me?”

            He laughed, “Why would I not want to talk to you Maya?”

            I shook my head, “Nevermind… So I hear you have an interview today.”

            “Yup, we’re going on soon, just waiting in the back for our call.”

            “Sounds like fun,” I said, “I’ll be watching it.”

            “Nice,” Harry replied. He sounded distracted.

            “Sorry if I’m distracting you, I’ll get out of your hair, I just wanted to say hello.”

            “Oh okay, I’m just trying to get my stupid mic on my shirt, but yeah, I’ll talk to you later.”

            “I love you,” I said.

            “I love you more, bye Maya,” he replied and we hung up the phone together. I looked over at Camille who was staring intently at the screen of her phone.

            “Do you and Zayn ever run out of things to talk about?” I asked curiously.

            She smiled, “Nope.”

            I nodded and let her continue to stare at her screen while I flipped through the channels on the small TV. I got to the channel and the guys were just walking out.

            “Camille! It’s on!” I exclaimed and we stared at the TV. The interviewer introduced herself as Katie I think and she started asking random questions, but eventually got into the love life questions. Louis looked nervous when he told her he was the only single guy in the band. He looked upset about it, which was understandable. I’d be too if I were in his position.

            “So Harry, you and Maya?” Katie asked grinning and the audience cheered. He did that thing where he looks at the floor then fixes his hair as he looks back up.

            “Harry actually has a very special announcement, don’t you Harry?” Louis asked smiling widely. Harry turned a light shade of pink and I didn’t even realize I was smiling until Camille started looking at me weirdly.

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