Chapter 79

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The air blew in through the open windows, a chill going around the room as the music from the radio continued to play. No matter the temperature of the room, it didn't stop the beads of sweat collecting on her forehead as she pressed her hands into the carpet.

Resting back against the sofa, she released a heavy breath groaning as the pains worsened. Inhaling deeply she let her head roll backwards, having already tried everything she could think of to get rid of the pain. Lifting a hand to her stomach, she rubbed it back and forth as she felt the sharp pain become stronger.

"You really have always picked the best times..." Taking another breath, she breathed through the contractions before easing herself up from the floor. Once in a standing position, she found that the pain lessened slightly but it was enough for her to wander out into the kitchen and get herself a glass of water.

Laying her hands against the counter, she didn't trust her legs to keep her standing upright long enough without support. "Where are you Sam..." Looking down to the floor, she let go of another deep breath as she focused on keeping her breathing steady. "Your Daddy is going to do everything for you, you know that right... He's more excited than me that's for sure. Can't you do this one thing for me and wait until he's here."

Connie groaned as another contraction tore through her, quicker than the last had come. She sighed glancing to the time seeing it had already been quite a while since she had spoken to Elliot and still there was no word from Sam. Looking up out of the kitchen window, she could tell how hot it would be once she was stuck on a ward in the hospital.

Slowly moving back through to her position in the living room, she eased herself back down to the floor. Her phone began to ring from the table causing her to dart forwards as quickly as she could. "Sam?" "Connie, are you okay?!" She rest back against the sofa feeling the tears rolling down her cheeks, seemingly already out of her control. "Sam please-" "I'm coming Connie, but there's been an accident on the roads-" "Hurry, I don't know how long this baby is going to wait for you."

Another contraction came as she clenched her jaw, the pain becoming too much. Sam tapped his hands against his steering wheel as he listened to Connie's cries, desperate to get home some way but unable to see how he was going to get anywhere in this situation. The roads were blocked in all directions, and nothing looked like it would be moving anytime soon. "Connie?" A slight groan was audible in response as he looked around. "I love you, you can do this-" "Sam don't make me do this alone." "Connie, you need to be prepared for that situation. If I can't- If I can't get to you, I know that you can do this."

Shaking her head desperately she didn't want to think of the possibility of having to give birth to her own daughter. "SAM! Now you listen to me. You get your arse home now or you will never be able to get me in this situation ever again." He smirked hearing the anger reverberating in her voice, unable to take her seriously knowing she wouldn't be able to hold out if he was there with her. "Shut up Connie, call an ambulance. You really think I can deliver a baby?"

He ended the call as he saw the car ahead move slightly. Instead of remaining where he sat inline behind the queue of traffic, he swerved up onto the grass verge until he was out of the way. Getting out, he quickly locked the car before crossing over the road running along the opposite path. He earned several confused glances from those around, but in that moment all he cared about was making it home.

Connie knew that if Sam was unable to make his way to her, that her chances of getting to hospital were pretty slim too. Looking through her phone she rang the only other number she could consider a possibility right now but as it continued to ring out she thought her chances of anything going right today were slowly disappearing by the minute.

Almost as soon as she had ended the call, there was someone on the other end. "Hello?" "Connie? Is everything okay, I was just about to answer but you disappeared." She sat forwards slightly feeling another contraction begin to work it's way through her. "How far apart?" "I don't know, a few minutes maybe?" "And how long have you been having them?" "About an hour now, I'm on my own I don't think I can do this..."

She felt her emotions building once again before the calming voice came through the phone once more. "Connie, I need you to remain calm for me. I'm on my way, I don't live too far but I need you to time the space between your contractions next time." "Okay- Duffy, please, hurry." As the call ended, she dropped back to leaning against the sofa. She should have known better than to think she could have a regular birth in hospital.

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