Descent Into Darkness Chapter 4

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Okay guys, I know it's a bit past Saturday, but I was busy damnit! Lol. And please, I know it's short, no need to rub it in. Vote, comment, fan, you know the deal. Thanks for reading!

Spedro leaped forward in a flash, much too fast for Ember’s eyes to follow. When she finally caught sight of him, his hand was raised into the air, the leader’s neck closed in his fist. The man’s feet dangled in the air, and his fingers scrabbled at Spedro’s knuckles. “We did not kill your healer. If I wanted to, I could kill you all within seconds, and suffer no injury.” he said, and then threw the man on the ground at his feet. “I do not believe in killing innocents, and was simply searching the man’s house for survivors when it caved in.”

The man coughed, and it took a moment for him to regain his breath. When he could finally stand with the help of the villagers with him, he rubbed his now bruised throat and tried to speak, but Ember had to pull the wind to her so it carried his now hoarse whisper. “I am sorry. But we cannot allow you to leave until we know what has happened here. Please, follow us back to our village and we will sort this out, peacefully.”

Spedro inclined his chin at the smaller man before him and reluctantly agreed. The men turned back for their village, while Spedro made his way back to the women, a small limp now visible in his gait. Ember flew forward when he was but ten feet from her, wrapping her arms around his large frame, her fingers coming nowhere near meeting at his back. “My love, I thought I’d lost you.”

Spedro dipped his head to kiss the top of hers. “While there is still air in my lungs, you will never be without me, come what may.”

Lindani’s voice broke into the moment, and Ember turned her head from nuzzling into Spedro’s shoulder to see her distraught look. “What happened in there?” she asked, resting her hand on her brothers shoulder.

Spedro sighed, and clutched his ribs a moment after. Both women started, but he waved them off. “I heard the supports give way. She,” he said, nodding to Ember, “didn’t move, so I guessed she didn’t hear it. I knew there was only one way to save her, which was to throw her out of the window.”

They nodded and he continued. “After I knew she was okay, I tried burrowing into the ground beneath the house, but I was almost too slow. The walls fell on me, while I was still halfway above ground. That’s what hurt my ribs, and when I twisted from the pain, I pulled on my ankle.”

Both women helped him to his horse, shooting looks at one another, and Ember voiced their concerns to Spedro in a whisper, so the men waiting for them didn’t hear. “We know it was Phoenix who did this, but they think it was we three. We cannot tell them he did it, because they will send men after him, and we cannot admit to it or they will attempt to harm us.”

Spedro looked back to the waiting men, and then to the women. “Give me some time to think. I will think of something.”

“Be sure that you do,” Lindani said, pulling the stirrup closer to his foot and helping him into the saddle. “Or we will be forced to defend ourselves from them, and that will not end well.”