Chapter 1

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I woke up to my alarm ringing. I switched it off and got out of my 'bed' if that's what you want to call it. It was a a blanket on the cold wooden floors with another blanket for me to cover my body with. I walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower, of course, the pack wouldn't let me have hot water in my excuse for a room. I looked at the alarm clock 5:30 I decided to make my way downstairs to the kitchen and make breakfast for the pack. The Blue Crescent. Once I got into the kitchen I decided to make eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages and salads for the skinny bitches.

Once I had finished making breakfast I headed upstairs but ran into a huge wall, then I noticed that wasn't a wall it was Ashton the biggest man whore and future Alpha. Ashton slept with a new girl every night unless he like one of his bitches to much and fucked them for the whole week then discarded them like they were trash, I don't know why girls throw themselves at him. I feel sorry for whoever his mate is.

I on the other hand saved myself for my mate. I haven't kissed anyone, had sex with anyone or even touched anyone sexually. Being the packs punching bag kind of helped me to save myself for the one.

I should probably tell you about myself. I have chocolate brown skin, long black wavy hair, hazel eyes. I am 5'6. I have powers that no one but my two best friends and my older sister Jennifer and older brother Aaron know it. They are the only ones who care about me apart from my mum but she's battling cancer. Everyone else hates me even my other siblings apart from Aaron and Jennifer hate me! I don't even know what I did to them to make them hate me so much.

*************************************Sorry it's short I'm just not used to writing a lot at the same time.

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