[27] Singing Competition

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Timeskip to the end of Jess' PE and Combat class

"Students, don't forget: the finals for the Combat Alpha Tournament is this afternoon!"

Oh crap. I forgot. C'mon, potion! Wear out already!

I made my way to the next class, which was Music Class. "Huh, where's Aaron? I just saw him at lunch a while ago..." I mumbled.

"Oh hey! Are you new?" A voice chirped.

I turned around to see Dottie. "Yeah. My name's Adrien, who are you?"

"I'm Dottie, the green haired guy is Daniel and the brunette over there is Rylan." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "You know, your scent smells familiar. And you also look familiar..."

"O-oh really? I never knew... heheh... oh look the teacher's here."

"Okay class, today we'll be having a singing competition! You know, just to boost your energy and confidence." She announced. "Now, the way this works is you group yourselves into fours, some can play instruments while others sing; or you can even do an a capella group if you want. Now, go!"

   I scanned the room for any Sky Army members. None, oh well. I guess I'll partner with the Wolf Pups.

"Dottie, can I be in your group?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure!" She grinned. "Daniel's playing the drums, and Rylan's doing guitar. Can we do a duet?"

"Yeah sure! But what song are we doing?"

"You choose~!"

"Hmm... I have a song in mind." I smirk.

Le timeskip because of the Temmie Flakes commercial song (by Fandroid MUSIC!)

"And now, let's here Ivy's group." Ms. Aria said.

   Ivy was lead vocals and the others either played instruments and sang as backup. I must admit, they were pretty good.

   A round of applause was heard throughout the room. Ivy looked somewhat irritated, probably not content with the volume of claps. You know what they say, loud claps mean you really enjoyed it. Hers was... not as loud, around medium-ish.

"And next, Dottie's group."

   We -well, I- chose to sing a Sister Location song by TryHardNinja titled "Circus of the Dead."

    A round of applause echoed through the room. Our group bowed and went back to our seats, grinning happily.

"Well, uhh, that was definitely something..." the teacher mumbled at our choice of song. "Up next, Bob's group."

About 3 groups went on after ours, then the winners announcement. "Alright the winner is..."

There was an awfully long silence.

"WHO?!" A student yelled.

"Ah, yes. The winner.. is... Bob's group performing the Narwhal Song!"

"Are. You. Flipping. SERIOUS?!" Ivy yelled just as the bell rung.

And once again here is a timeskip to the showdown of Aphmau vs Random Person.

   Before rushing to the gym, I had to wear off that stupid genderbending potion.



C'mon, Hyria said it'd only last til dismissal...

YAS! It wore off!

I rushed to the gym, busting down the door. "I'M HERE!"

Everyone looked at me. "Great. You're just in time to fight your opponent," Principal Layla told me. "Now... stand in front of the ring."

   I stood in front of the tall boxing ring, not bothering to peek above the ring. (Well, I can't exactly peek when I'm so short... so.. yeah.)

"Contestants, you may now grab your choice of weapon from the weapon rack." Mr. Arnold commanded us.

   I picked an amethyst dagger with sharpness 3. A small yet deadly weapon, if used correctly.

"You may now enter the ring."

   I finally saw who my opponent was. It wasn't Sasha, for sure. I heard she backed out for some reason.

   It was Katelyn, who was said to be the second strongest in the school. Frankly not surprised, she could make Travis faint with one swift punch.

"Fighters, ready yourselves."

   I gripped my dagger- hard, but still loosened it up a bit. Allows me to move more freely.


I wiped sweat off my forehead.


I mentally reviewed myself of all the moves I learned.


I took a deep breath, and...


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