Chapter 56 - The Final Battle

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Though I had never been in a war, I was pretty pumped to be standing in front of my soldiers, facing the Shadow general and his army

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Though I had never been in a war, I was pretty pumped to be standing in front of my soldiers, facing the Shadow general and his army. Everyone had their weapons at the ready everything was dead silent. It was just a state off for the time being, judging where the weaknesses were, who to steer clear of.

"Zacra Tintossi," I called, stepping forward and holding a hand up when I heard some soldiers begin to move, signalling them to stand down. "This is your final chance to surrender. All this is going to end now, one way or another."

"You remembered my name, K'jahan." He smirked, his hand at his sword whilst he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "There is no honour in surrendering."

"I didn't know you upheld those kind of values." I replied, looking around wearily before meeting his gaze. "You can only hope you did quickly, but I'll make sure you don't."

"How's your nose, by the way? Has the water made your bless yet?" He asked mockingly, referring to the earlier torture. I clenched my jaw and lifted my hand again, my other hand wrapping tightly around my own sword.

"This is everyone who has died at your hands." I told him coldly before signalling to the soldiers that it was time. "Let's finish this once and for all."

The general nodded, silence in the air once again. It was almost synchronised, how everyone started shouting their battle cries and all of a sudden the space between us closed. Swords hit against sword, swords hit into flesh. It was safe to say that I've never been covered in as much blood as I was now in the first five minutes of this battle.

There came a time when I drowned out every sound ms focused only on my breathing, swinging my sword into necks, shoulders, legs, chests, faces. The brutality of the event was something I'd never experienced or felt before. The whole thing had me buzzing.

There was a moment when I lost sight of my own people and the general and I was just lost amongst swinging swords and the enemy coming my way. I managed to hack myself a pathway until there was a huge circle of space around me, giving me time to see around me. My attention was caught by the sound of someone crying out, and looking in their direction to my right, I saw that Nat had been injured, taking an arrow to the leg but taking men down anyway. To my left, I heard the familiar grunting from Steve and turned to see that was using his shield as a means of clearing his way. The general? I could sense him, not so far away. But although things were going in our favour to begin with, our luck was wearing thin now. Soldiers from both sides dropping like flies, trampling over one another only to be injured or killed straight away.

I wanted no more deaths and here I was watching father's and mothers in chainmail run towards their last moments, and all for something that could have been avoided a long time ago.

Something inside of me snapped and I took off the armour I was handed upon leaving the castle, dropping it to the floor alongside my bow and arrow and my utility belt. I began walking straight ahead, somehow avoiding any conflict with anyone up until I met a point where the two sides had collided. That's where I caught his eye, slowly disappearing​ backwards surrounded by a group of his men guarding him. What a coward.

I took in a deep breath and opened my arms, reigning in on all the hurt he had caused me, all the people he had taken away from me, all the lives he destroyed. I remembered the pain of his torture, the pain in my thumb, the cuts in places that I hadn't been covered during this battle. I pulled that all in and focused on it, noticing how everyone grew quiet, the general's people taking a few steps back until there was gap between us and them.

I was more powerful than they thought, which is something they reminded me of upon every encounter. Well today, I was going to remind them. With my mind, I lifted the general from his group of men, pulling him into the air for everyone to see. Then I focused another part of my mind on the weapons that everyone carried, all the arrows that were jammed in bodies fallen long ago. I lifted​them up too, seeing them rise in the corners of my eyes and pointing in the direction of the enemy.

This is for the father who took me in and the grandfather who guided me. This is for the innocent lives taken in a bid to scare me. This is for the heartbreak and fear they caused in order to drive me away from my birth right. This is for the birth father that sacrificed his life to protect me. This is for you, Mother, the woman I never got to know but I heard loved me before I was even born. This is for everything they tried to take from you. This is for the humiliation they put you through. This is for you.

I doused my mind in the rage that I had kept away for so long then threw my arms forward and screamed, sending all the raised weapons in their direction, making sure every single body was hit. I didn't stop my attack until I lost my voice and at least three pieces of every kid of weapon used was pierced into the general's body and I knew that they were all dead.

I let my hands drop to my sides, and wiped my nose, feeling the thick liquid smearing onto my hand. All of a sudden I felt light headed, a loud ringing cutting into the silence of the battleground, my legs giving away instantaneously. It wasn't long until I hit the ground, staring at the bodies of the enemy a few feet away from us, watching as the general's body fell to the ground, too.

I shut my eyes involuntarily, feeling myself already slipping away. I didn't care, though. I didn't care where I was going, or not going. I didn't care if this was the end for me or I was just exhausted. I finally did it. I honoured my people. I honoured my grandfather. I honoured the innocent victims of this unnecessary war. I ended this. I did it.

I did it.

And now it was all over.

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