• child's play •

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a/n: this one is a little different.

.: child's play :.

Miku was lightning; beautiful, quick witted, and awfully mischievous. One day she will be there and then gone the next. She danced, flittered, skipped in her playground among the sky, and most of all she enjoyed running the most out of all her daily activities. She loved it, the rushed feeling of freedom running through her veins was worth every stride she took.

However, there was always one problem: Len. He was her thunder, he was a follower, cruel, and sometimes quiet but when angered awfully loud. When he is there, you will always know, he makes himself known to those below him. This didn't necessarily mean her thunder was bad, no, he is just lonely. His elder sister, Rin, was the sun. It was prohibited by the celestial god that he will never see her again, and he would be put into the category of which they are in today. He was her thunder, and she was his lightning, brought together by the ties of fate. Though they were always together, they couldn't be anymore different.

Occasionally Ring, the rain, would be there to greet them with a soft smile, a calm one. A smile that told them that they had a future together and they should try to embrace it.

"He loves you, you know." Ring had told her once while she was resting her head on the rain goddess's lap. Miku sat up with a huff.

"I know."

"You two will see one day," Ring sighed sweetly, her calm composure making Miku feel nice and warm inside, "you two are perfect for one another."

However, Miku couldn't help but disagree; he follows her where ever she runs and ties her away from her freedom. He breaks the illusion of running away across the sky.

So she gave him a task.

"Len, let's play a game together." Miku had said to her thunder one day, who had given her a bored look and slight nod of agreement.

"Let's play a game of tag, if you catch me.. I will love you forever."

And thus began their real game of chase, Len would always catch up to her, no matter where she ran. She zipped across the field of sky, across rain's soft gray clouds. Miku traveled farther and farther, but Len had gotten closer and closer.

Their game goes on for eternity to the eyes of all humanity. How or why it lasted such a long time is still a mystery to many. However, I'll tell you a little secret.

No matter how far her thunder is, she waits for him.

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