Chapter 14

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"Woah, slow down tell me what happened." Olivia said to Nick. "I don't even know, I noticed that Casey wasn't here today but I kind of brushed it off. I went to Zara's school and saw Taylor sitting outside the office. Casey was never late picking up the girls. Taylor doesn't know where Zara went after lunch." He said pausing " I just know something happened to them." "Hey, we'll find them." Amanda said taking Zara from Nick.

Amanda was sitting at her desk 5 months pregnant refusing to go home until Lewis was in jail and everyone was safe. "Ow" she said as Fin walked by. "What's wrong babygirl" he said in his sweetest voice. "Only 4 more months" she said laughing.

"We are gonna need more eyes." Elliot said waiting for his partner to finish his sentence. "And I know just who."Olivia said with a grin.

"Who we talkin' bout" Nick asked.

"Oh lets just say.. Shes a star." Olivia said smiling.

"Ok I got something" Munch said . "Casey's cell picked up a tower in SoHo 15 minutes ago." "Lets's go" Elliott said.

"Casey I'm scared."Zara said naked next to Casey in her bra and underwear. "Yea me too bub.But we can't show him that.'' Lewis came in threw Casey over to the bed and began on her. "you're hell for... what you... have done" Casey said managing to talk. "yea i know but that's the price i'll gladly pay.'' He finished with Casey and said "you will both be out of here by tonight,dead or alive its up to you" with a big smirk on his face. He picked up Zara and started to do her when Casey yelled out "I was supposed to be the last one." "well you know things happen" he said through Zara's screams.

He finished with her and started to hit Casey. He drugged her and then Zara and stuck them in the back of his car. "Let's go" he whispered. He drove to a parking lot and took the box from the front and put Casey's limp body in then Zara's.

"Drive faster Nick said yelling at Fin." "Im going! The phone stopped moving" "follow it!!"

Casey started waking up realizing what happened. She was wrapped in a old blanket and had no clothes on with a little girl on her lap. She pulled Zara in and tried to stand. She failed she was to weak to carry herself and a child. She tried to wake up Zara who slowly opened her eyes.
"Casey. It hurts" Zara said with tears filling her eyes.
"Where baby?Tell me where." Casey said soothingly enough to make Zara calm down. "Down there where he hurt me" she said pointing to herself. Casey saw where she meant and looked down Zara was bleeding. A lot. "Eo, honey, don't worry I
bet daddy is coming for us real soon.
Almost if on cue the girls heard "Casey?! Zara?! Girls!?
Zara looked at Casey with excitement.
"Daddy!!" Zara called she stood up half in the box and half out. "Zar!" Nick said running to his daughter. "Where's Casey" "she is here too."

Nick looked inside and saw his daughter bleeding and Casey laying there almost unconscious showing her chest. He took the blanket and covered her to spare her any dignity she had left.

Within minutes the whole squad was there and Casey and Zara were in the ambulance going to the hospital.

Casey was fully awake when Olivia came into the room. "How ya feeling" "I've been better. How's Zara?" Casey asked the brunette. "She good, Amanda in with her right now." Olivia said reassuringly.

"Can we go in?"

"She would be very happy"

Casey and Olivia joined Amanda and Zara.
"Aunt Casey!" Zara said sitting up.
"Hey are your feeling better." Casey asked in a caring state
"Kinda but I have a question." Zara said looking at Olivia and Amanda.
"Well me and Amanda gotta go check on Fin with the paperwork"Olivia said looking at Amanda.

"So whats the question?" Casey said sitting on Zara's bed.
"Why did he do those things?" Zara was asking the most hardest question of all.
"I don't really know." Casey said truthfully.
"But why did he need to hurt us. I can barley sit up tall" Zara asked looking for answers.
"What do you mean you can barely sit up?"
"He made me bleed." Zara said looking at Casey green eyes.
"Me too. And you know what?" Casey said looking like a second grader getting ready to tell a secret to someone. "The same things happened to Olivia, Dani, Alex, Kathy and Amanda. But were best friends so we were there for each other. And we are all here for you." Casey said brushing Zara's hair away.


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