Chapter 32 - Stunned secretary & bowling bet

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Louis, Jace and I stared at each other, looks of complete bewilderment plastered across our faces, for a solid minute before Louis finally broke the silence. He glanced around at all the roses once again, ran his fingers through his soft fringe, and let out a sigh.

"Well, this asshole sure knows what he's doing."

Jace proceeded to slap his arm, while I managed to finally pull myself off of the ground. Emotions were storming through me, wreaking havoc on both my brain and heart, as I tried to decide what to do next. There was love, and forgiveness, and happiness. But above all of those was anger.

Before I could process the flowers any more, I was storming out the door with both the boys calling after me, their sock-clad feet padding gently after my clicking heels. I jogged down the stairs and onto the busy New York streets as quickly as possible.

"When did you learn how to run?!" Jace screamed.

I slowed my pace and turned around to glare at the two men behind me. Louis clung tightly to Jace's hand as they half-jogged to catch up, shoving innocent bystanders out of the way before coming to a stop a few feet in front of me.

"Flowers!" I yelped. "I said I wanted flowers, and he sent my flowers! What an asshole!"

If they weren't already confused, that did it for the two boys that were stuck with my crazy emotions and awkwardness. They continued to pace after me in silence until I took a turn that was most definitely not on the route to the Vogue office.

"Oh no no no!" Jace screeched as he caught my arm, tiny fingers digging into my wrists. "You are not going where I think you're going!"

"Of course I am! I would love to see what he has to say for himself!"

"What he had to say was written on the card!"

I snorted loudly. "Yeah, he said he'd start with flowers. What the hell does that mean? Is he trying now, after he let me leave in tears last night? That's bullshit."

"I agree, Norah, but you can't just storm into his office like a madwoman."

I turned on my pointed Valentino heel and wiggled my finger directly at Jace. "Oh, but that's exactly what I plan on doing, and I hope he has something good to say for himself."

"This should be interesting," Louis scoffed, earning a glare from me and a quiet 'Lewis!' hissed from his boyfriends scolding mouth. The Doncaster native gave us both rolls of his eyes before wrapping his arm around Jace and nuzzling into his side.

"Dear god," I groaned at the loved-up pair, who were now staring at each other with eyes full on fondness. "If you have forgotten, we are in the middle of Manhattan and you two are wearing socks."

They burst into giggles before I punched them both in the shoulder, in an attempt to bring them back to the situation at hand and out of their little bubble of love that I was very annoyed with (and also slightly jealous of, but I would never admit it.)

"This is his place of business!" Jace groaned in his final act of protest. His bright blue eyes pleaded with my darker ones silently. Then I glanced down to the shorter boy who was still latched onto his side lovingly, became filled with more anger, and made my decision.

I shrugged, flicked him off, then proceeded my fast walk towards the huge office towering over us with Styles Enterprises plastered boldly across the top. People in nice suits and carrying briefcases were already rushing in and out of the doors frantically.

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