A Fool’s Game

Chapter Six


            Has anyone ever told you, you’re much prettier in person? Every time the words flowed through my mind my cheeks burned and my heart slightly pounded against my ribcage. It had been the perfect ending line, even with the way he had practically ruined our first date with his so called ‘friend’ Addison.  Despite that, his words still almost had me falling to the ground for him.  It was probably the way his grey eyes twinkled so brightly and his succulent looking lips curved up into a beautiful smirk when he said it. Those two things alone were enough to make any woman fall to the floor.  And that’s almost where he had me last night. And to think, I had only known him for a small while.

            My wide eyes stared up to the ceiling in a daze, knowing that none of this was good. I was totally attracted to Sawyer Davenport, the man that Camilla was supposed to marry in the end. Not me, not anyone else. Camilla. Taking a deep breath, I tried my best to roll over and fall into a deep slumber but it wasn’t possible. It was already eight o’clock in the morning, and I hadn’t even had a wink of sleep-thanks to Sawyer. And it wasn’t because I was constantly thinking of him or his beauty; it was because I was recapping over the way he had managed to make me feel in such a short amount of time.

            To be honest, my heart was still racing. And my hands, well, they were still shaking. My mind thought back to when he caressed my cheek on the dance floor and for a moment, I literally thought he was going to kiss me, full on, in front of everyone in that ballroom. He didn’t though. However, I had been ready for it. There wasn’t an inch in my body that didn’t want his lips to possess mine in a hungry manner. And it was odd, in past times when a man other than Mason had even tried to kiss me, I ran for the hills and avoided them at all costs after that. The point is, no man had ever managed to make me feel so calm and relaxed that I actually felt the urge to take over and do it myself. And I almost did, but I refrained. I couldn’t let myself get in so deep with him that I didn’t want to get out. At the end, I would take my payment and never see them again.

            It was a part of the deal. It was the deal. I had one shot to get the money I needed for Medical school and I couldn’t blow it now, no matter how handsome and charming Sawyer Davenport is.

            Giggling, I rolled over once again and was right back where I started- staring at the ceiling. Besides, Sawyer Davenport wouldn’t have even looked twice at me, if he knew how normal I was. And it was true. Rich people associated with other rich people only. It was scandalous to mingle with people under their status. And from the way Camilla acted the day we had gone shopping, I knew she didn’t tolerate lower society people.  Hell, she practically avoided the tons of working class people that were walking down the streets like the black plague.  If I had to guess, it was the way she was raised. Obviously, she was raised constantly being told that she was better than everyone else. There was no doubt that Sawyer would act the same way if he were put into the situation        .

            Suddenly, my door swung open. Startled, I jumped up and held my hand over my heart. Molly stood there in a sassy way with her hands on her hips. She smiled largely and I fell back onto the bed.

            “Its eight o’clock, Molly.” I murmured, sleepily. She had always been a morning person. Hell, Molly was always cheerful and hyper; morning, afternoon and night. It was a good trait to have though, everyone that met her immediately knew she was a happy person to be around. I guess that is what attracted me to her so much.

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