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Hello everybody long time no see!!😊

Unfortunately, 707 Screenshots/Fanarts have been discontinued:(
However I hoped you enjoyed reading thus far!

[UPDATE]!!: (as of Nov 2017)
I might not continue uploading fanarts, etc in the future due to some complications in my life and I am currently contemplating whether or not I should delete Wattpad. Don't get me wrong, I always read everyone's comments on this and my other books I had published and I enjoyed reading them very much. I started wattpad a year ago and even though I was posting mere pictures, it seemed to have impacted many lives hehe and I'm glad that everyone appreciated what I had done, because the struggle is real;
What I meant by the struggle is real is that I remember coming back from class Everyday to spend a few hours finding, cropping, adding the multiple pictures on each of my book ( I've got 4 books altogether ), and it wasn't as easy as you think! I'm very serious about my classes and it was difficult to balance wattpad and lessons since I'm still quite young heh, therefore the reason I stopped wattpad and stopped posting as much as I used to.
As 2017 is ending and the new year 2018 is approaching, I hope everyone is always happy and healthy!! If you're still reading this, I thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it:)

See you guys next time and god bless
Ps I read everyone's comments! Just drop a 'hi' and I'll try to reply;) love y'all muah

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