Chapter 19: Outcast✔️

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Looking at the ceiling of this little cottage, my hand reaching up, my magyk sparking in my grip, a ball of light twisting in my hand.

Rhovan's arm is heavy in sleep, holding me against his chest, unwilling to loosen his grip on me.

It is strange, how close we've become while barely knowing each other. It is strange that I could not bare to let him sleep on the sofa this night. My body seemed to ache as he tried to walk away and I had called for him to stay, voicing the very thing he had secretly hoped I would.

And so he is here and I am unable to sleep with his stifling heat burning into my skin, his heavy arm entrapping me.

I've never been one to like cuddling once it is time to sleep, not that I don't enjoy it beforehand, so I wrestle out from under him, sitting up, looking out at the morning light that is just making its way into the room.

He doesn't wake as I move to my bag, pulling out the plainest dress I have. It is a pale cream confection that drapes around my shoulders, only thin straps holding it in place and the tulle skirts are easily maneuvered in.

As I start to braid my hair, I daze off, trying not to think of what may come about today. I have no idea what that bird witch might do once she realizes my magyk is no longer under lock and key in her own custody, but flowing through my veins, empowering my body, giving me a strength that I've so craved since I've been here.

"Up early I see." His voice is like liquid honey in the mornings, making my ears tingle in appreciation.

"We rise with the sun do we not?" I can feel more than see the twist of his mouth as he sits up in bed. "Are you not late for training?" I ask after a moment of silence.

"I suppose ya're right, Imp." He scratches his head and then proceeds to rise, fully naked and quite ready for things that definitely do not have to do with the kind of training I was referring to.

As he dresses, I try to think of how to ask the questions I have, biting my lip and holding myself like a child as I stress.

I feel a hand brushing into my hair, a warm mouth pressed to mine. "I will speak to my father for ya. Do not worry so much. We will sort this out, but let's keep this between us for the time bein'." And I can feel my worry drain, if only a bit as I follow him towards the training fields.

"I see you must have had a nice tumble in the sheets last night. I couldn't blame ya. She is quite a fine specimen if you ask me. I-"

Suddenly I see a flash of red hair as Rhovan knocks Dagon clean across the jaw.

"What? I was only jesting my friend. Don't get your nickers in such a twist, you're starting to act like a possessive Arradien woman if you ask me." Dagon is rubbing his jaw while his eyes twinkle at me, his lips pursed.

"Well I didn't ask ya much of anythin' so shut ya're trap and stop eyein' what's mine. We are late to training as it is." Rhovan is seething on the inside, his heart beating in a quick pace that I try to calm with my magyk, letting it flow through my fingertips, sweeping my hands around his shoulders and kissing the back of his neck in a comforting motion that I hadn't meant to give.

He stills, grabbing my hands and pulling me to his side, Dagon staring at me wide eyed. "We don't need every Arradien knowing about your magyk, Imp. Ya're lucky it is just Dagon. We don't need an uprising when we need to be focused on the target of our enemies."

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