What is Love?

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"RINNG" I moved around "MMM SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I put the pillow over my head to block out the noise "RINNG" "FUCK CAN'T A GUY SLEEP IN!" I reach for the clock but face plants to the floor with the clock right behind me hitting my head. "GREAT just fuckin great" I turn over on my back and pout. "Isn't this a awesome morning" I look over at the clock beside my head. "And I'm late perfect!" I get up and change into some black skinny jeans (yea I can fit my fat ass in some) with a pair of converse and a black t-shirt. I took a look in the mirror my hair was a mess red was everywhere with black mixed in it. "I guess I'm ready" I walk out the door grabbed my phone looked over at my backpack "Eh maybe next time" and out the door I went I put some music on blasted it all the way up and started singing even if I didn't know the words. Well since I'm not doing anything good but walking I shall tell you about myself. Well the names Jasper I love to be RANDOM I'm a loner I hate people they tend to bring drama I'm gay (yea bitch I'm gay don't like it then stop reading) I don't tell people cause one I don't have friends and two I don't need assholes to know my business plus my dad HATES gay's shorter word he's HomophobiaOh and if your wondering I'm 16 (yea hoe I'm young) "Sexy please text me I'm ready for you" I sand then winked at some random hottie walking by (random much?) HA! I think he liked it cause he winked back SCORE! I'm so close to school just a few more steps Ugh! The bell rang right when I stepped in the door "CRAP!" I ran to the nearest class room lucky! me it was my first period. At least one good thing happen today "Your late !" "Shit" I whispered to myself "No I'm not" I smiled "Yes you are" there was no smile on her face "Come on you know you love me so I'm not late" I started walking to the back of the class HELL YESH best place. "I don't love you and you are late" I pouted "Awww my feelings are hurt" she sighs frustrated with our conversation. As she was about to say something there was a knock on the door Ahh! saved by the knock thank you I would say god but I don't believe in him yea I'm a Atheism got a problem didn't think so bitch. Anyways some lady walks in in beside her was a dude I couldn't see he's face but I didn't care so I grabed my journel and started drawing. When I looked up I saw him alone looking down not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. When she was done talking to the lady she walks over and places her hand on he's shoulder she points to the seat next to me "Umm the guy who sits here is sick" I lied "Just sit there anyways I'll move you when he comes back" "DAMMIT I know for some reason were gonna become friends" I look back down acting like I don't see him coming. When I looked up "HOLY SHIT" I looked over at him "You scared the shit out of me I didn't feel you sit down" no lie "Oh sorry" he started playing with his hands Ah he's the SHY TYPE I can change that "Hi names Jasper " I hold my hand out waiting for him to shake it "Oh sorry names Shane" he gives m  e a weak hand shake. Ok I know he can do better but I will change that. When he looked up he was CUTE AS HELL!! (I'm not good at describing people but I'll try) he's bangs went over he's eyes so it was hard to see them. He had no piercings unlike me I had snake bites Jealous? anyways There was an awkard silence "Sooo?" I looked around "Sooo?"  then he started playing with he's soft hands (yea I notice) I poked him "Soo what made you come to this crappy school?" He looked down still playing with he's hands 

NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY STORY IT'S MY FRIENDS SHE DOESN'T KNOW I POSTED IT SO DON'T TELL HER :3 If she finds out she'll KILL ME!!!!!! you don't want that to happen I'll tell her when I'm ready or something good happens :D Tell me if you like it PLEASE *puppy dog eyes* And yes it's only one chapter that's all she haves LAZY ASS!!! 

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