Sunday Sanistas

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She treats me different. She treats me like a God. She treats me how I deserve to be treated. She treats me like sex object. She treats me like a son.

Every sunday morning I go to visit Allison Murphy. Allison is a dominatrix but for me she is much more than that. She's a release of frustration and fantasy I could never unleash on Vanessa, Mandy or even Clair. They simply would not understand.

Allison is thirty years my senior and every Sunday I go to her apartment for her to act as my mother and give me a sexual release.

I arrive early and hear the screams of Frank MaCarthur as Allison no doubt steps on his testicles with high heels. Everyone has their fetishes. I don't want my nutsack stepped on. He may be more of a man than me but he's screaming like a sissy girl.

Frank leaves the pleasure room crying and now he's able to return to his wife and children the man that they expect him to be but prior to visiting Allison Frank was an anxious, obsessive compulsive mess. He's better now. Well, as better as a man who probably just lost use of his testicles could be.

The apartment is very nice. Leather furniture, nice artwork on the walls, new appliances. The walls are eggshell. Soothing. Allison's bed is a princess bed; covered in pink and absolutely lovely with stuffed animals in each corner.

Inside the play room you'll see a shelf of dildos and buttplugs, whips hanging on the wall, chains, cuffs, a sex swing, weight benches and everything you'd expect to see in a modern-day torture chamber. I don't go in the play room. My needs aren't met by pain. They're much deeper than that.

"How's mommy's favorite little vampire?" Allison says as she approaches me and runs her fingers through my hair. "Yes, you're a good boy. Mommy's good little boy." she says as she continues to stroke my hair gently.

"I'm good, mommy! I've been a good boy this week!" I say while cracking if not the first smile then the first true smile of the week.

"I think you've been bad. Did mommy's little vampire kill people this week?" She says in the cutest voice possible.

"No!" I say quickly.

"Michael Matthews! Mommy watches the news. How many people did you kill this week?"

"I killed... I don't know. Twelve? Maybe sixteen people. It was a really bad week, mommy! I'm sorry!" I look down at the floor in shame.

"You've been a bad boy, Michael. What is mommy to do about this?" Allison asks as I continue to stare at the floor.
"Mommy is going to have to spank her bad little boy isn't she?"

"Yes, mommy!" I say in utter fear and disappointment. I'm disappointed in myself. I didnt want to kill any more but I enjoy it so much.

"Well, you know what to do. Come to the couch with mommy and take down your pants." Allison instructs me.

I get off the waiting bench and walk over to the leather couch. I believe it's by lazyboy but I'm not sure. It's very comfortable... Even if you're only using it while on your knees. As I approach Allison I unfasten my belt and hand it to her before removing my pants and underwear.

I bend over Allison's lap and she gently caresses my bottom while running her fingers through my hair.
"Mommy's bad little boy needs this spanking. You have to be a good boy for Mommy. You're a bad vampire and you need punished."  She says while wrapping my belt around her hand.

"I'm sowwy mommy. I don't do it again." I plead.

"Sorry doesn't bring those innocent people back to life and mommy's little boy promised he wouldn't do it again last time." she says as she cracks my ass with the metal part of my belt.

Allison smacks my ass again and again with the belt until my ass is bleeding down the cracks of her leather couch and onto the carpet. With every whip I can feel a tear form in my eye. I deserve this. I pay for this because I know I'm evil and if I don't get punished in some way things will get out of control.

When her arm is finally too tired to continue and my ass resembles raw ground beef I'm instructed to roll over.

Allison takes my dick in into her hand. "Awe, Mommys little boy is so small. Don't worry sweetheart it will grow when you get older.

The second part of my punishment is small penis humiliation. I have a below average penis and I'm very ashamed of it. Allison loves to make fun of it and I need to hear it. I've measured it. It's small and women will tell me it's average or "seven inches." if she legitimately thinks my penis is seven inches she must think she is nine feet tall.

"Look at mommy's little vampires baby dick. Is it getting hard while mommy strokes it? I can't tell." Allison stares down at my penis says "itty bitty man clitty. Aw, mommy loves your little penis." she strokes it faster and faster while continuing to pet my head with her other hand.

Allison is comfortable with me because I'm more than a client. I am a friend but the truth is if she doesnt die of old age soon I'm going to have to kill her. She simply knows too much.

She continues to stroke "Does mommy's little boy like that?" she asks and I let out a loud moan. "Yeah, mommy's little boy likes that. Mommy's favorite little vampire. Cum for mommy.  Give mommy your sweet juices."

"I'm cumming!" I say while breathing heavy and Allison leans down to put my penis in her mouth and swallows my evil seed.

Once the transaction is complete I get dressed and head to the door a brand new man.

I need a fucking cigarette.

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