Chapter Three

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Jax's POV

Today is my first day on the job and I've already managed to embarrass myself. When I first walked in I thought everything was going to be fine, but alas luck was not on my side.

Earlier That Day

"Okay Jax don't worry you've got this" I say quietly to myself. "It's your first day. What can go wrong?"

I get out of my car and walk slowly up towards the building. Even with the walking slowly it still seemed like I got there in a second. I took a deep breathe and opened the door and went to take a step forward when I tripped over the shoe of someone walking by and fell. Now this may not seem that bad except for the fact that my boss was the person I tripped over.

Back To Present Time

I could barely speak when I stood up. All I could do was stutter out apologies while looking at the ground. Not only was I embarrassed, I was scared that Mr. Lee would get mad at me for tripping over his foot.

"Calm down Jax. It was my fault. I should've been looking where I was going." The deep voice of Mr. Lee says shocking me out of my apologies.

"It isn't your fau-" I try to put the blame on myself but I'm stopped by Mr. Lee putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Jax" he says looking into my eyes. "If you're trying to say it's your fault, don't. Mistakes happen." He smiles at me before turning around and walking towards the elevators.

"Oh and Jax" he says before pressing the button.

"Yes?" I ask wondering why he said my name.

"I'd like to see you in my office in twenty minutes." He says and gets on the elevator. I nod even though he can't see me.

'Looks like my first day starts officially in twenty' I think to myself before going to the elevators.

I'm still trying to figure out how I want this story to go. I may edit these chapters once I figure it out but for now they'll stay this way.

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