Chapter 1: Welcome to My New York

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Traffic was quite possibly the one thing that Anita couldn't stand over any other. Normally the trip from Grand Central to the Main Lab should have taken around 20 minutes by car. An understandable amount really, something she'd pay a taxi for quickly and make her way to see her father like she did about three times a week. However, just like every single day there was traffic. Honking, screaming, bitter traffic. She would walk, oh of course she would walk, if that was an option. Construction was absolutely constant on what seemed like only the roads she needed to use, making every day a test of her mental endurance with her reward being some basic quality time with her father.

Anita was a college student. She kept up good grades, attended all her favorite clubs and activities, always finishing off her day with kick-boxing practice. Once that had quieted down, on every other day she would head into the city for a trip just like this to meet her father where he worked. Main science lab thingy. Working hard today for the better tomorrow yadda yadda. She never really paid attention with all of this beakers and buttons nonsense since it never really applied to her. Just seeing her father immersed in his work was a treat in itself.

While the car remained motionless in the street, Anita fumbled through her gym bag, brushing long curls of light brown hair from her face while looking for something that might pass the time and kill her boredom, as miraculous as that may sound. While she definitely inherited her father's sense of curiosity, she was far more carefree with an attention span a goldfish could relate too.

A few blaring horn blasts followed by a "Piece o' crap," muttered by the driver, shook the car with a slight tremble. The driver grumbled a few more curses under his breath, honking his horn at the cars in front like something was going to come of it. Anita screamed internally while keeping a delighted positive expression, finding the blaring posters and ads plastered over the city keeping her small attention span in check.

"NEW MOVIE COMING SOON," and, "BUY OUR STUFF," were just a few of the brazen ads scrawling past the burning skyline. Advertisements nowadays liked to streamline the process, thinking that subliminal messaging wasn't fast enough so just screaming at people to buy the product was a totally acceptable thing.

Everything was seemingly plain, just life coasting along as each moment lived a boring existence into the next one while Anita desperately begged her secret powers of time travel to somehow miraculously awaken and for her to dash through this mess. She took deep, slow, purposeful breaths, calming herself down so the hour that needed to pass didn't seem so painstaking. Another slow process she was getting used too, breathing some life and color into the view of the city as a car was suddenly uprooted from its standing honking position and hurled across the street in a ball of fire.

Anita blinked a few times, knowing this certainly wasn't normal before a wave of heat and noise swept over her own car, shaking it violently as screaming pedestrians shot past. She choked back her own screaming, holding tight onto the bag beside her as the car was jostled from side to side, the driver kicking the door open and racing off into some random back alley, out of sight still screaming his head off. It would have been absolutely hilarious if Anita wasn't fighting back the same urge, attempting to keep her head as she had literally no idea what was going on at the moment. Within moments, adding to the weight of the noise, the heat, and the violent tumbling of the car, the blackened roof which was heated and burning up, began to melt through with a vicious hissing noise. After a disturbingly short amount of time, Anita could see straight through the car to the bright blue sky now coated with sudden bright viscous flames towering the buildings with waves of fire splashing over her field of vision. The sickly green ate through the metal of her vehicle crawling towards her, causing Anita to scream and barrel through the side door, unhinging and launching it across the street with a powerful kick. She didn't take any time to think about it.

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