Chapter 1

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This is not an original story I found though I did change some of the original text it on Tumblr by Art is Love Made Public

The street was quiet under him but Peter knew something was off about this area. Trouble was hiding and nothing could be more cliché than an abandoned back alley with a newly hatched superhero sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Peter worried his red and blue spandex suit, unsure if this would really work out well or not... So far, these past several weeks, he'd been doing fine. Swinging from the buildings with his web shooters without falling, saving people from being mugged, and the few cats he'd found stuck in trees. There have been a few close calls but no major injuries that he couldn't conceal from his fathers. No one had found out his secret identity and he was starting to make a name for himself – although some of the news surrounding his name wasn't entirely positive... The biggest challenge he would have to face soon was actually sitting down and telling his fathers that he suddenly had superpowers and he'd been putting his life in danger for others. Yeah, that was going to be fun.

A tingling sensation crawled up his spine as Peter realized he was being watched. His shoulders stiffened when a maniacal laughter rang out behind him and as he turned, he was greeted by the sight of what appeared to be a goblin on a mechanical bat.

"Someone let you out of Gringotts?"

"Very funny, Spider-Man."

"So you've heard of me." Peter grinned behind his mask. Already he had creepy looking villains interested in his exploits.

"Oh, yes. I've heard a great deal about you. You've begun to set quite the name for yourself."

"Yeah well, I figured I can shoot webs like a spider and I'm a man so why not combine the two and see what I got."

The goblin appeared to be less amused this round. "Two days ago you intervened in a very important business investment for me."

"Terribly sorry. If you'd like to make a complaint about your friendly neighborhood spider services, please dial 1-800-"

"Joke all you want, it won't delay your demise."

"Oh, are you on a tight schedule? Terrorize old ladies, pick up groceries, get a facial because I seriously think you might be in need of some organic skin treatment."

The goblin growled lowly in his throat before reaching into his shoulder bag and pulled out a small jack-o'-lantern.

"A little early for trick or treat don't you think?"

"I think it's past your bedtime little spider." And the jack-o'-lantern was tossed at Peter's feet.

Spider-Man looked at it with amusement. "Missed me."

The goblin only grinned wickedly and Peter realized his mistake when the bomb went off and he was falling off the edge of the building.

"Shitshitshit!" A web flew out of his hand, attaching itself to the adjacent building and he hung there for a moment to temper the ringing in his ears and the blurred vision.

He didn't have too long to wait before the next pumpkin was coming toward him and Peter shot off the next web, barely getting out of the way in time.

Each pumpkin got closer in the goblin's pursuit of Spider-Man's path down numerous alleyways, out of the reach of the mass public. It was night so there weren't many citizens on the streets but Peter didn't want to risk someone being injured by the blast.

"Ugh!" A blast hit Peter directly in the back, causing him to falter in his web pattern. He barely caught himself on the side of a building but another pumpkin above his head blew him off and onto the ground. He felt the air leave his lungs as he hit the pavement followed by a sharp pain that turned his gasp into a scream.

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