Author Note: 

This story will be taken down March 31st, due to I'm leaving Wattpad. Thank you for reading.

This is an idea I suddenly got from imagining a weird mix of Codex from the webseries "The Guild" played by Felicia Day with the wonderful story by Kirsty1000's Nothing left to lose. If you get a chance I would strongly suggest you read her story. She is an amazing author! Also check out the Guild on GeekandSundry channel on You Tube! It's hiliarious!

 Every chapter will have a game related name and for you non gammers will have a vocab description for you! I've also added, gamer music videos. Mostly are WoW videos but still works. 

***All the of pictures and music obviously do not belong to me but to their prespective owners and are meant only for entertainment purposes of those who read this story***

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