= Chapter 18 =

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"Tell me about your heart, how it stole breath from my lungs and still warmed my veins. "

-Jeremy Lockhart


It was almost 9 pm by the time I reached home and I found my mum fast asleep on the couch. I made my way to my room before stripping into my loose tank top and shorts.

Falling onto my bed, I snuggled close to my mountains of pillows. My eyelids started to get heavy, and I was yearning for a long good sleep.


A few knocks woke me up. Sitting upright, my eyes darted to find the source of the noise. It definitely wasn't coming from the door. Silence hung in the air, maybe I was dreaming?

Laying back down, I smiled in happiness that there was nothing else that would destroy my beautiful sleep. My happiness was short lifted.


It's definitely from the window, it has to be. Tip toeing to the window, I grabbed the ledge of the window before pulling it upwards slowly while peeping out.

" Praise The Lord!" Jeremy yelled in happiness.

"What the hell are you doing here? And lower it down, my mum's alseep." I whisper yelled.

"It'll be nice if you could let me in at least." He gave me those undeniable puppy dog eyes.

"Climb up dumb nut, but if you make a sound you're dead." I motioned my finger across my neck.

Nodding his head with a cheeky smile, he climbed up the tree before entering through my window. Turning on the lights, I already found him lying on my bed comfortably.

"Nice bed you got there. You can lie next to me, I don't bite." he placed his hands at the back of his head before closing his eyes.

Don't listen to his words, Skylar. Don't put any images in your mind.

"Staring is rude Skylar." He said with his eyes closed while a playful grin was casted upon his lips.

" So why are you here? " I furrowed my eyebrows in annoyance. His eyes snapped open, before he sat upright.

"Could you help me fix this?" He stretched out his fist towards me which displayed a very bloody and bruised sight. Grimacing slightly, I looked at him for answers but he remained silent. Bringing back my cold demeanor, I looked at him in eyes.

"Why did you come to me? Your girlfriend is next for anyway."

"Well, you're the school nurse after all and you saved my life too so I'm sure you could help me again." He leaned closer, his eyes flickering to my lips which saved him a few days ago.

His blonde fringe was touching my forehead, his breath fanning against my cheeks.

Clearing my throat, I stood up abruptly. He has a girlfriend, for god's sake Skylar! And plus, he's your enemy. I scolded myself repeatedly before grabbing my first aid kit.

Taking the thick bandage, I wrapped it tenderly around his fist. He winced slightly when I wrapped it tighter.

"Woman! Stop putting anger on my fist!" He pulled his fist away, before kissing it repeatedly.

Scoffing slightly, I looked up into his eyes to find his cheek getting slightly swollen. Unintentionally, I brushed my fingers across his cheek. His striking blue eyes followed my every moment in silence.

"What happen?" I whispered softly, looking deep in his eyes for answers. Snapping out of his gaze, he moved away from me, shaking his head.

" Fell down my bike" he shrugged nonchalantly, his eyes darting around the room.

"Sure." sarcasm laced clearly in my voice. It was as if he built up a wall between him and I the moment I asked. I never liked to be asked questions about my past so I decided not to be most nosy about his, but I'll be lying if I said that it didn't bother me.

Grabbing the first aid kit, I walked back to the toliet.

"Erm...S-Skylar? I don't t-think I'm the only one bleeding..." Jeremy coughed out awkwardly. Turning around, I had a puzzled look plaster on my face. But it hit me hard when I noticed him staring at my butt.

My bloody buddy has made it's grand entrance.

"I'm scarred for life! Oh my poor poor eyes!" Jeremy held my pillow over his head. Without hesitation, I rushed into the toliet before locking the door while Jeremy whined continuously.

Opening every drawer, I ransacked each inch by inch. This can't be possible! I have to have at least a tampon somewhere! This is a bloody disaster! (pun intended)

This night couldn't get any better— I didn't have any tampons. Changing into a new pair of shorts, I peeked out from behind the door.

"Jeremyyy...?" I dragged his name with a sweet smile. Raising his head from the pillow, he gave me a worried look.

"Yes...?" I noticed how his adam's apple bobbled nervously.

"Could you take me to...a nearby shop to get tampons?" I glanced at him pleading eyes.

"NO! You're gonna mess up my car!" He folded his as over his chest.

"Please Jeremy! I wrapped your fist for you, now it's your turn to help me!" I countered back with a smirk. Rolling his eyes, he stood up from my bed before walking towards my window.

" What are you waiting for? I don't have all night." He gave me a cheeky smile before climbing down. Grabbing my jacket, I climbed down cautiously and came upon the sight of his sexy Porsche.

Sitting in the passenger seat beside him, he looked at me deep in thought.

"Before we drive, I have a question I've always wanted to know." He gave me a childish smile. Raising an eyebrow, I signaled him to continue.

"How does having a period feel?" His lips turned into a small pout. He seriously wasn't asking me that.

"Like a fat man is sitting on your uterus, that's how it feels. Now drive!" I pointed in the direction ahead of us.

"Yes ma'am!" He yelled out before stepping on the accerlator.

Little did I know, this night would be the night that literally changes everything...

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