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ugh guys I'm having boy trouble rn. I met this boy a few weeks ago and we see each other whenever we go out at the weekends and we talk (AND he replies so quick like wtf) and he's so sweet and his friends are all so nice as well

I'm starting to like him BUT IM NOT SURE and ugh yeh, if u feel like giving me some advice, dm me pls bc I'm a hopeless romantic at all costs 👀

also wtf!!!! (NEARLY) ONE MILLION READS GUYS?!?!? I can not thank you enough holy shit y'all are so nice and cute and ily all so much (I wanted to write a huge ty note but I already did that before and yeah, just know that I'm so happy people enjoy reading my shitty story HAHA)

37 | "Birthday boy."

Luke's mouth had been hanging slightly agape after the couple walked into the gorgeously decorated club, the black confetti popping once they stepped aside.

"Happy birthday, babe!" Logan chuckled, wrapping an arm around Luke's waist before pressing a small kiss onto his cheek, letting him come down from his shock.

Luke wrapped his arms around Logan's shoulder, pressing a few delicate kisses onto the top of her head as a silent move to thank her.

To see his closest friends and family all together in one room, getting along with each other, made him kind of emotional in some kind of way.

Logan looked up to watch how there were tears welling up in her gobsmacked boyfriend's eyes and this made her hold him as tight as ever.

"You deserve this," Logan mumbled softly, placing her hands on both of Luke's cheeks before brushing her thumbs over the scruffy skin. "I love you, we all love you, this is all for you. Happy birthday, love."

Logan knew how much it meant for Luke to see the people that had always supported him no matter what, and to see so many people come together must've been such a nice surprise.

"Thank you," Luke finally spoke, leaning in to give his girlfriend a thankful kiss on her lips.

Another arm wrapped around Luke's neck, but this time from behind. Calum's hand patted Luke's chest a few times before Logan released Luke out of her grip, so the two best friends were able to properly talk and Calum was able to wish Luke a happy birthday.

"Happy birthday to you Mr. Hotmings!" Clarice cheered, opening up her arms for a hug before she got sandwiched in between her boyfriend and Luke.

Logan chuckled and noticed how more people were sort of lining up to wish her boyfriend a happy birthday, and so, she backed off a little bit. She didn't mind, this was Luke's night and for once, she didn't mind sharing him no matter how selfish that may have sounded.

"Being twenty-five suits him well, doesn't it?"

Logan turned around from where she was dreamily staring at her boyfriend, without even noticing she did so. She came face to face with Jackie, who insisted on being here even if her due date was closer than ever.

Logan smiled brightly, "Yeah, he looks so incredibly happy."

"And you're the cause of that, Lo." She told her friend, placing a hand onto Logan's arm before Jackie continued telling her why Luke had been such a preppy guy ever since Logan became his girlfriend. "He told me he finally has a reason to come home now. Says he made the best decision to hire you, without even having to see any other possible employees."

Now this, this was new to Logan. Sometimes Luke was extremely emotional and would ramble about his feelings for her more than once, but he never really told her she had always been his first choice when it came to having employees. She made a mental note to ask Luke about this later, and she couldn't wait to hear what he had to say about that.

"I never really knew that," She smiled shyly, feeling how Jackie grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly.

"That's cause he's still shy about some things but hey, you didn't hear that from me." Jackie chuckled, shrugging her shoulders before placing a finger against her lips, telling Lo to keep quiet about this. "I'm so so so sorry, but my back hurts like a fucker. I think I'm going to tell him a happy birthday and then leave."

"Are you going to be alright?" Logan asked her friend, placing her hand onto Jackie's back before looking at her. "Do I need to get Ashton?"

"No! Don't be so silly, I'm alright." Jackie laughed softly, shaking her head, "I'm going to look for my man myself and you stay here while admiring your hot ass boyfriend."

Logan laughed before she took Jackie in a hug, telling her to make sure to get home safe, which she claimed she would. Ashton always took care of his fiancée, and with their little baby nearly being there, Ashton always stuck by her side.

"Daydreaming, aren't you?"

The deep voice of her boyfriend filled her ears, arms wrapped around her shoulders and a kiss placed onto her temple. "I thought you left already."

She shook her head, "I don't want to miss a single thing. How's everybody?"

"Great," Luke smiled brightly, "They said I should be happy with a girlfriend like you."

Logan raised her eyebrows at Luke's statement, leaning back in his hold to catch his gaze. "Oh? And are you?"

Luke furrowed his eyebrows, clearly confused as to what she really meant. Logan thought that the drinks they had at dinner before coming to the club were finally kicking in, and the confused facial expression on Luke's face made her laugh.

"Oh!" Luke laughed, the imaginary lightbulb above his head seeming to be switched on after he realized what she meant. "I am more than just happy with you baby."

Logan chuckled, "I can't help but feel the same about you."


ok so listen!! this is just a filler and I promise next chapter will be full of Logan+Luke moments and all yes ok bare with me pls :-)

ily xoxo

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