Chap. 16

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Adam Watson

Sarah was MIA.

I tried calling her for the fourth time, only for her phone to ring through to voicemail.

I didn't really understand the whole peer mentor thing; I just knew that in this moment of stress and pressure, I could really use someone to talk to.

Someone who wasn't Terrence. Seeing as though he was still pissy with me.

I took another swig straight from the Jack Daniels bottle. I knew I shouldn't be drinking this much before a game, but I was desperate.

My parents would be sitting in the stadium today. And I was going head-to-head with my brother.

My brother, Michael, who'd always been just that much better than me at pretty much everything. And knew it too.

Michael's track record was spotless. Never did drugs, only drank socially, never even received a traffic ticket. He'd been accepted to Southern California on a football and academic scholarship, receiving the Captain title his Sophomore Year. He'd always brought home above average grades and only dated the smartest and prettiest girls.

He was every parents' wet dream.

And then there was me. The recovering alcoholic who never seemed to have his shit together.

I took another swig of Jack Daniels, trying to calm the fire inside of me.

The rational part of me knew that Michael was going to kick my ass today. He lead the league in sacks, had been recognized for his skill, and was even facing the NFL Draft.

And I was Vanderbilt's last choice for a Quarterback, the only school I could actually get into.

I finished off the bottle before rolling it underneath my bed.

I needed to sober up. Quick.

The door clicked open, and Terrence came in.

"Why are you sitting on the floor?" he asked, as the door shut behind him.

"Just getting my shit together."

He dropped his backpack on his bed. "Thinking about tonight's game?"

"How could I not?"

He sat down on the floor next to me, silence stretching between us.

"I can smell the alcohol from here," Terrence said.


He reached over into his desk drawer, tossing me a pack of gum and a tin of mints. "How much did you drink?"

I didn't answer as I took a piece of gum.

"Let me rephrase," Terrence said, taking a piece for himself. "How much do you need to sober up?"

"A bit."

He passed me a bottle of water from my mini-refrigerator. "Eaten anything yet?"

I shook my head as I cracked open the water bottle. I drained it as Terrence made me a sandwich.

"I thought you were still pissy," I said.

He handed me a peanut butter sandwich. "Life's too short for that shit."

I nodded in agreement as he made himself a sandwich.

"But don't start thinking that this is over between us. I still have some choice words for you post-game."

I rolled my eyes as he sat back down next to me. "Overdramatic, per usual."

"I think you misspoke." He tore off his crust, handing them to me.

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