Glass Butterflies Chapter 6 [Aylah Snow]

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Chapter 6


Aylah Snow


I stared at the glass. Trace made his way to the door. I was just stood where I was, frozen to the spot. Trace didn't seem to notice. 'Good now's your chance...RUN AWAY!' So I did. After my muscles decided they wanted to move, I ran in the opposite direction of the cab. I heard Trace call after me, then the slam of a car door.

I shifted between pedestrians with ease, like I didn't feel exhausted at all. Adrenaline flowed through my veins, pushing me further away from the cab. I pushed people out of my way as a slammed into them. I heard several complaints and strong language used to describe my despicable behaviour. I don't understand how I could be so scared of the butterfly symbol. Maybe because it was following me? I don't know but it sent tremors through me.

I heard more complaints and angry shouts behind me. I risked a quick look and saw Trace chasing me. More adrenaline burst through me as I pumped my legs faster and faster until my whole body began to burn. I heard Trace curse, but I was tearing away from him with such speed that it sounded like a whisper. I blocked everything out. I didn't know where I was running too and I didn't care. All I knew was that I wanted to get away.

I pulled into an alley and skidded to a halt. My body shaking from the exertion of adrenaline and exercise. My breathing was laboured. I took deep, long breaths in hope that it would stop my shaking and burning body. It didn't immediately. I knew I wasn't ready for moving. I collapsed against the wall then down it and pushed my bag onto the floor beside me. My back was to the world of civilisation. I heard heavy footsteps over the blood rushing in my ears. They went straight past the alley where I was situated. Then they came back.

My body wasn't coping at all. I mean yes I kept fit of course self-defence classes and a few sports like soft ball and net ball, but none of those were any where as exhausting as running a few blocks at speed had been.

Trace pulled me off of the floor with a jerk. I tumbled into his open arms. Right now I didn't really mind. I'd probably kill him anyway. Later though. Because right now I needed to...

"Oh God" I muttered as I pulled away from Trace and headed for the nearest dumpster.

I threw up into it took a few deep breaths of infected air, and vomited again. After that, my body began to relax. I wiped my mouth on the sleeve of my jacket as Trace strolled over to me.

"Why'd you do that Aylah? Why did you run away? I thought we were finally settling down" he wavered.

"I ran because...I thought it was a nice night for it" I breathed.

"Ha di ha" Trace laughed which stank of fraud.

"And...I'd rather settle down...with a....dead dog that had been decomposing for a month first then settle down...with you"

Trace put a hand over his chest and mocked his pain. I could feel a stitch come up in my side. I clutched at my side and fell forwards. He stopped me and fell with me. Then we just stayed there for a while, Trace holding me, and me breathing harshly. Trace pulled me up a little and hugged me; he buried his face in my hair.

It felt nice. It felt as though I belonged there. What was happening to me? I've never felt like that and I don't intend to start now. But I couldn't help it. Trace just had that effect on me. I couldn't help but feel loved being here in his arms. I shoved the thoughts away. Never again will I let myself feel like that again. I made a promise not to open myself up to anybody. Not just yet.

"Why did you run Aylah?"

"I told you...I thought it was a nice I thought I'd...stretch my legs" I whispered.

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