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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 50 - Love really is complicated 

Silence surrounded the room. It was true; you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was in total and complete shock. What the hell had just happened? Maria had just, out of nowhere turned up, introducing herself to Louis, and magically bringing Stephanie back to Zayn? Where had she even found Stephanie? And didn't Maria say she was over Louis and going back to Liam? What was this mastermind planning now....?

And then Eleanor? 

I stood, frozen, and couldn't breathe. I squeezed Harry's arm without realizing, a little too hard. 

" Does anyone here know someone named Louis Tomlinson?" Eleanor repeated again confused.

Louis looked up after is long, and confused stare at Maria. "Yup, that’s me. Why?" 

Eleanor’s face went from a bright smile to a slow frown. She placed her bags down and slowly walked up to him. Maria awkwardly stepped back giving them room. “Oh, well this is awkward…you don’t recognize me…”

Louis chewed on his lip studying her for a moment as if her were trying to remember. He finally shook his head. “No, I’m really sorry, I don’t. Mind reminding me?”

 "Oh my god! That's Eleanor! She made it! El--" I stopped Lauren from getting too excited and attacking Eleanor with her excitement. 

"Just hold on for a second. Let Eleanor and Louis introduce each other first." I warned holding out her arm. Lauren nodded and backed away quietly. 

Maybe I had been watching too many movies and shows, or reading too many books but right once I saw a good looking pair, I automatically was in love with them. Watching Louis and Eleanor standing in front of one another, they looked so perfect for each other already. Their matching brown hair, their perfect heights, and...Well they were perfect. Even Louis, who had no idea who he was looking at, was caught in Eleanor’s beauty. They were mesmerised at the sight of each other, and forgot about all the people around them. Maria standing behind, looked quite angry.

Eleanor smiled cutely. Looking shy, she turned away as he looked into her eyes, and giggled. "My name is Eleanor. Eleanor Calder.” She held her arm out politely waiting for Louis to shake it.

Louis’ face beamed with happiness just as she said her name. "Oh my god, Eleanor! It's you! You actually came?!" Louis shook her hand, staring at her still shocked. It was a little awkward watching them, no one really shook hands anymore…

"Yup! My aunt and uncle live here, so I have a place to stay. I’m sure you’ve already met Lauren.” She looked out into the crowd of people pointing her out. Lauren waved and winked. Louis chuckled and nodded, “Of course, I have.”  I found it the most funniest thing that Louis had just completely ignored Maria and forgot she was still there once Eleanor had arrived. I already liked this girl.

"Umm, so are we still going to party or what..?" Niall interrupted, after realizing everyone else in the room were just watching.

 "Yeah, pump up the music; let's celebrate to the welcome of Eleanor, Stephanie and Maria!" Harry shouted raising his half-drank glass of soda. 

Of course, Harry the party animal. I looked at him surprised. "Harry!? That's not a good thing yano." Rachel snapped at him. He calmed down with his party mode and looked at Rachel confused. "What, why?" 

"We don't want Maria here. Do you have any idea what she's even done? We have to get all this sorted out before we can party. Please, just end the party for now. We'll have another one some other day. We all need to talk about a few things first."

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