My Thoughts on Anthony Leaving

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So, if you haven't been living under a rock, you've found out that Anthony has left Smosh. I felt obligated to make a chapter about it, and I'd also like feedback about how you guys feel.

He's been in Smosh for over ten years, so I knew someone would leave eventually. At first when I saw this, I was under the impression that Anthony felt like he'd grown out of Smosh, and I would've understood that. I initially thought he was a total moron for walking away from such a successful franchise that he was the co-founder of. But now I realize that's why he left.

From what I understand, it seems like Anthony wants to do his own stuff because Smosh has been totally taken over as a company. Anthony just wants the old Smosh back. Like many fans have been lamenting over for years, Anthony feels the same way. As you know, I absolutely love the Smosh Games and Smosh Squad members; why else would I make a book of over 50 Imagines about them if I didn't? But of course I understand how Anthony feels.

The old Smosh was clearly way different than it is now, and sometimes, I do feel like their videos are more controlled than they used to. It's incredibly difficult to be a creator like Anthony and not be allowed to put whatever content you want on your own channel.

I saw this coming for awhile if I'm being honest. Ian and Anthony were not very prominent in a lot of Smosh videos for awhile, and I think Ian is going to start being more involved again or has already, but I think Anthony is ready to move on. It honestly looks like he doesn't want to leave but feels it's changed so much to the point of no return.

Bottom line is I support Anthony leaving Smosh and even agree with his complaints on some level, and it's really hurting me to see all of the hate he's receiving for this decision he is allowed to make.

So, if you could, maybe leave a comment on Anthony's Instagram telling him you support him or that you don't hate him because of this.

Also, comment here telling me how you feel about Anthony leaving. I think I'll still write Anthony imagines if you guys want me to, and although I have not been consistently uploading, summer just started, and it'll allow me more time to write on Wattpad and update this story.

Thanks for reading,

I also want to point out that, despite what they say, I know Ian and Anthony's friendship is broken. I'm not saying they're not still friends, but it's not the same, and it never will be. I'm thinking that changes within Smosh/the branding of it is mostly to blame for this. Regardless, I still love them both and understand how Ian and Anthony both feel about where Smosh should go.

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