Chapter 55 - Arrival of the Cavalry

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I breathed in as much air as I could once the general had taken the wet piece of cloth off my face, coughing up the water that was stuck in the back of my throat

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I breathed in as much air as I could once the general had taken the wet piece of cloth off my face, coughing up the water that was stuck in the back of my throat. We had been at this for God knows how long, a cloth on my face whilst he poured water onto me, essentially drowning me. I wasn't sure what he wanted to me to say as he didn't ask any questions. He just admired his work from afar. 

I held my face to the side as I gasped for air, trying to hold back tears from the burning inside my nose and my chest, shutting my eyes momentarily. He had me lying on a wooden plank and tied my wrists with restraints and another piece of restraint around my chest and my ankles. "I thought you said... It was going to be quick and painless." I spoke up after a while, my voice hoarse and quiet as I opened my eyes and searched the room for him.

"It was, but I wanted to have some fun." He answered, taking a seat in a chair he had placed by my side, crossing one leg over the other. I rubbed at the straps around my wrists as if it would this time, pain searing through my arms from the fact that it wasn't the first time I tried.

"Just end it already," I said tiredly, still finding difficulty breathing. "You've had your fun."

"No, no, no, not yet." He stood up again, holding up the cloth.

"No, please." I whispered, shaking my head and tugging on the restraints again, choking out a sob when he threw it on my face once more.

I shut my eyes again, picturing everything good that I was in my life. Was. My father, who loved me despite my alien inheritance. My grandfather, who took me in when I wasn't even related to him by blood. Steve, my sun, who despite everything was still able to look at me like I was something special. Lily, the only remaining family member that was willing to still call me family. And Bucky, my moon, who even when on another planet was still able to guide me home.

I waited for him to pour the water over me again, sensing there was something wrong when he didn't. I listened closely, hearing his footsteps run in the direction of the door followed by the sound of the door opening and the shouting of guards and others. I shook my head as fast and as hard as I could until I managed to get the cloth off, tilting my head up to see that I had been abandoned in whatever the hell was going on.

I looked down at my wrists and groaned when I realised what I had to do to get out of the restraints. I wriggled my right wrist around until my thumb was flat against the plank I was lying on then with a deep breath, I applied all my force into the plank, crying out in pain when I felt my thumb move out of place. Chewing the inside of my cheek, I braced the pain, wriggling my hand out now there was enough room. Even though I would heal, it would take much longer whilst I was in Shadow territory. So for the first time in a while, I had to deal with a broken bone.

I blinked back tears as I brought my hand over to untie the other restraint then opened the one around my chest, sitting up and examining the damage I'd done to my hand. Pushing the thought of what I'd done out of my mind, I reached down and untied my legs before tying my wet hair back and making my way out of the torture chamber that seemed especially built for me. There were other tools and weapons in the room, I'm grateful whatever it was that distracted him had good timing. 

I hadn't been walking for very long until I heard my name being called, and I turned around to see that Steve was down the corridor with three soldiers. I didn't think before I ran towards him, leaping into his arms and letting him lift my up and hold me tightly. I buried my face into his shoulder as I started to cry uncontrollably, the adrenaline and everything else I'd felt over the past few hours flooding out in the form of tears. 

"I didn't think you'd come." I wept once we pulled apart, Steve kissing my forehead softly before he shook his head.

"I will always come." He replied holding my face in his hands before he frowned, taking a closer look at me. "Why are you wet? What did he do to you?" 

"I'll explain later,  but he's gone so we need to get him before he gets away," I answered, wiping my face and looking down the hall. "What's the status of all the soldiers?" 

"The place is surrounded and there are at least ten soldiers on each floor," Steve answered, turning around to one of the soldiers and taking a bag from him. "Your gear, your highness." He handed it to me with a grin, watching me as I looked inside to find my utility belt and my bow and arrows.

"You brought my things." I said with a light laugh, taking the belt out and putting around my waist before prepping my bow and carrying the bag of arrows on my left shoulder. 

"A queen can't fight without her weapons." 

I lifted the bow and arrow to get a feel of it again, wincing when my thumb began to throb.  I'll have to ignore that pain for now. "We should get going," I told the others, beginning to walk down the corridor and head for the exit. "Leave the general to me. He's mine." 

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