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(Third person P.O.V)
You just finished your project with your best friend Evelyn and it was already 12:26 AM so you decided to call a cab home but your phone was dead. "Just great." You sighed and dragged your legs on the pavement.

"Awooooooooooo..." A howl sounded about a few feet away from you and you shuddered. "That thing better be a 1000km away from me."

You looked up at the sky and noticed that it was a full moon today and you shrugged it off. While you were walking, you came across a bone and.....


Sorry guys! I had to rewrite the chapter since I accidentally deleted the whole story. I wanna die.Anyway short chapter for now since I have to sleep. Also, I changed the title to werewolf. Heheh see ya!

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